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Fact-Checking The ‘Chicken With Monkey Face Video’: Real Or Fake?

Fact-Checking The 'Chicken With Monkey Face Video': Real Or Fake?

Fact-checking the viral ‘Chicken with Monkey Face’ video: Unraveling the truth behind the internet’s latest sensation. Is it real or just another online hoax?

The internet is a wild place, filled with wonders and hoaxes alike. Recently, a video surfaced that left netizens both amazed and skeptical. The video in question? A creature with the body of a chicken and the face of a monkey. But is this “Chicken Monkey” real or just another internet hoax? Let’s dive in.

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The Buzz Around The Chicken Monkey

The video, which has been circulating on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, showcases a creature that seems to be a hybrid of a chicken and a monkey. This bizarre creature has a chicken-like body but sports a monkey-like expression on its face. The video has left many in awe, while others are skeptical of its authenticity.

What The Video Says

The video’s narrator addresses the population of Côte d’Ivoire, emphasizing the creature’s authenticity. The narrator provides a location (village 42 22032) and a contact (Mathieu) for those interested in verifying the creature’s existence and taking photos. The term “s’allier” is mentioned multiple times, seemingly as a form of gratitude or acknowledgment.

Fact-Check Analysis

1. Location and Contact Verification:

2. Creature’s Authenticity:

  • The narrator’s emphasis on the creature’s reality is noted. However, reiterating authenticity doesn’t validate the claim. Concrete evidence or expert opinions are required to determine the creature’s genuineness.

3. The Term “s’allier”:

  • “S’allier” translates to “to ally” or “to join forces” in English. Its context in the video is unclear. It might be a name, a term of respect, or possibly a mistranslation or mispronunciation.

4. Background Chatter:

  • The voices in the background are speaking in French. While the transcript provides some insight into their conversation, without further context, it’s challenging to determine its relevance to the video’s authenticity.

Internet’s Reaction

The internet is no stranger to bizarre videos, and the recent “Chicken with Monkey Face” video from Côte d’Ivoire is no exception. The video, which has been making rounds on social media, has left many puzzled and questioning its authenticity.

Key Observations:

  • The monkey face remains motionless throughout the video.
  • The chicken’s body, however, seems to be alive and moving.
  • There’s chatter in French in the background.

Is The Chicken Monkey Real?

After a thorough analysis, here’s what we found:

  1. Motionless Monkey Face: The monkey face remains still throughout the video. This is a strong indicator that the face might be a puppet or a mask.
  2. Chicken’s Movement: The chicken’s body moves, which is typical of chickens even after they are no longer alive. This involuntary movement can last for a few minutes post-mortem.
  3. Background Chatter: The voices in the background are speaking in French

Expert Opinions:

  • Opinion 1: The monkey face is a puppet or mask placed on the chicken’s body.
  • Opinion 2: The chicken might have been masked, but the method of attaching the mask remains a mystery.
  • Opinion 3: This could be related to traditional African masquerades, where masks and costumes play a significant role.
Monkey FaceMotionless
Chicken BodyMoving
Background VoicesSpeaking in French

Our Verdict: Not True

The “Chicken Monkey” video doesn’t depict a real creature. The evidence suggests that the chicken was disguised with a monkey face, possibly attached with ropes around the neck. The lack of movement in the eyes and mouth further indicates that the monkey’s face is likely a puppet. The video fails to provide a comprehensive view of the creature, raising more doubts about its authenticity. It seems we are looking at a fabricated entity, not a genuine one.

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