Allen Onyema, CEO of Air Peace, has helped the federal government of Nigeria to delivered medical supplies from Turkey curbing the spread of the deadly COVID-19 in the country.

Mr Allen Onyema is being celebrated on social media towards his kind gesture to Nigeria after he delivered medical equipments from Turkey to Nigeria for free.

The company took to Twitter on Sunday to announced their arrival from Turkey.
“You know what? Air peace impacted lives than the F.G in the last 5 years
COVID-19: Air Peace on Saturday, April 4, 2020, delivered medical supplies from Turkey, on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. We support every effort geared towards curbing the spread of this disease,” Air Peace said.

One of the Twitter users, Oloye Ayo Gbadebo wrote;

“Air peace evacuated Nigerians home during xenophobic attacks in South Africa,

Air Peace evacuated 274 Israelis from Nigeria,

Now, Air peace lifted medical equipments from Turkey to Nigeria for free,”

Watch the video below.


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