The President Of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has made another blunder while addressing the nation on the novel coronavirus whose official name according to WHO is Covid-19.

Thousands of Nigerian citizens took to Twitter on Sunday, March 22 to mock the country President after he made blunder while addressing the nation.

In a viral video sighted by Mandy News, President Buhari assures the world that Nigerians can handle the deadly Wuhan virus known as Covid-19.

Covid-19 was promised by the president as “COVIK – 1 9” virus.

The video has caused a blow on Twitter NG with so many reactions, this is not the first time the President is making such blunder.

“President Buhari addresses Nigerians and tells the world that Nigerians can handle the “COVIK – 1 9” virus. It was a pleasure being a Nigerian” Efam Harris said



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