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Coronavirus Is Not As Deadly As Malaria, Typhoid – Seyi Shay




Nigerian singer and songwriter Deborah Oluwaseyi, musically known as Seyi Shay has committed a sin in the eyes of Nigerians on Twitter after she asked: “is the coronavirus more deadly than malaria?”

According to the 34yearsold singer “So wait… is the coronavirus more deadly than malaria? And why can’t our government do something about malaria and Typhoid that people seem to be getting every week out here? Or is that just a whoooole ‘nother story??” she said this via Twitter on Wednesday night.

Nigerians on Twitter took to the comment section to insult her, another Twitter user who tries to correct Seyi wrote; “She might have not passed the message right but she is likely saying, why not prioritize malaria and typhoid like they do this virus, they know they can easily be killed from this, so they attend to it swiftly, if there was protection for them from covid-19 they won’t do nada”

Seyi replies to her “I’m also saying that Covod-19 is apparently NOT even as deadly as common influenza to the average healthy person! But people will not go and study research, seek knowledge listen to real fucking news! Just jumping on wagons and excited to be a part of ‘Jedi mind tricks'”

“Ok, so it’s contagious BUT is it more deadly? This one that everyone is forgetting that people have been and are still dying from Malaria and typhoid… daily!” she tweeted

“Why so much hate??? Maybe if u asked more questions instead of following the crowd… pots calling kettles black”

Seyi want peace to reign between her and the followers so she made her final tweet.

“Look, Basically, Just wash your f*cking hands, stay at home and if u can not reply my tweets without sounding sad, hateful and sick , block YOURSELF and f*ck right off”

At the time of this report, Seyi Shay is trending on Twitter.

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