Davido Fights Burna Boy In Ghana: Here’s Everything That Happened

Davido Fights Burna Boy In Ghana

Davido Fights Burna Boy In Ghana for the battle for supremacy first time at the Twist night club. 

History is repeating itself — right before our eyes. The Goliath narrative in 1 Samuel 17 David accepts the challenge.

Two of Nigeria’s International stars, Davido and Burna Boy, have clashed for lordship for the first time in their career at a night club in the subregion of West Africa which people at the club had to run for their life.

According to several reactions on social media, Wizkid was also in Ghana and was at the club together with Burna Boy, Stonebwoy, and Davido.

In a video obtained by MandyNews, The famous Nigerian music star and the founder of Star Boy Entertainment, can be seen smiling while drinking wine in the club.

After the physical battle, Davido, and Ghanaian top dancehall star, Stonebwoy who host ‘Activate Beach Part’ went straight to Ace Tantra to continue the chilling.

Wizkid is too mature,” fans said.

When they got to Ace Tantra, Davido removed his top and trolls out a message to Burna Boy and the message is in his FEM song which means “keep quiet”. Is a slang used by the AIYE confraternity.

Davido and Burna Boy are members of the Black Axe confraternity (Aye Cult Group)

Wizkid believed to be a member of the Eiye Cult also known as Nationwide Affiliation of Airlords.

That is why Wizkid has no right to say anything when Burna Boy and Davido are having issues, not just about maturity.

The rivalry between the members of Aye and Eiye confraternities is not what you joke with. Their clashes have seen not less than two thousands Nigerian youths dead.

On November 16, 2017, at the One Africa Music Festival in Dubai Davido, Tecno and Wizkid had a fracas. When Tekno extended his hands to shake Sunday Are, Wizkid’s manager who is an elderly man, and Sunday Are punched Tekno’s phone. Tekno and his goons wanted to attack Sunday Are but Ubi Franklin calmed everything’

Watch the video of Davido and Burna Boy saga below….

Davido’s response to Burna Boy after the fight.


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