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How Much Did Davido Pay TG Omori For The Cinematic ‘Feel’ Video? What We Know

Explore the speculated costs behind Davido’s cinematic music video ‘Feel,’ directed by Africa’s highest-paid video director, TG Omori. Discover what makes this collaboration a visual masterpiece!



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In the world of Afrobeat and Nigerian music, Davido and TG Omori are names synonymous with groundbreaking and visually stunning music videos.

The recent collaboration on the ‘Feel’ video has left fans and music enthusiasts speculating about the production costs involved in creating such a cinematic masterpiece.

The Speculation Surrounding the Costs

TG Omori, known for his high-quality and visually appealing videos, is currently the highest-paid video director in Africa. With a rumored charge of around $100,000 per video, the speculation is rife about the amount Davido might have shelled out for this visual extravaganza.

“Feel by Davido is bigger than every other video I have shot.” – TG Omori revealed in a podcast interview, adding to the curiosity and excitement surrounding the video.

Breaking Down the Potential Costs

Given TG Omori’s reputation for high-quality production and his known charges, it’s plausible that the costs for ‘Feel’ were substantial. Here’s a speculative breakdown of potential costs involved:

  • Director’s Fee: $100,000 (Known charge by TG Omori)
  • Location and Set: $50,000 (Estimated)
  • Production and Post-Production: $70,000 (Estimated)

Tables and Lists for a Quick Glance

Here’s a speculative breakdown of the potential costs involved in creating the ‘Feel’ music video:

Expense CategoryEstimated Cost
Director’s Fee (TG Omori)$100,000
Location and Set$50,000
Production and Post-Production$70,000
Total Estimated Cost$220,000

The Creative Genius: TG Omori

TG Omori’s creative brilliance and unique visual style have set him apart in the music video industry. His ability to transform musical notes into visual poetry has made him the go-to director for top African artists.

Davido: The Afrobeat Sensation

Davido, with his infectious tunes and dynamic personality, has taken the Afrobeat genre to international heights. His collaboration with TG Omori on ‘Feel’ is a testament to his commitment to delivering high-quality music and visuals to his fans.

The Collaboration of Giants

Davido and TG Omori’s collaboration on ‘Feel’ is a convergence of musical and visual artistry, creating waves across the music industry. Davido, known for his melodious tunes and dynamic music style, and TG Omori, with his unparalleled visual storytelling, have set a new benchmark with ‘Feel’.

“Every frame, every scene is a visual treat, and I find myself watching it every day,” TG Omori confessed in a recent interview, highlighting the passion and dedication poured into this project.

The Anticipation and the Fan Reactions

The anticipation for ‘Feel’ was palpable, and the release did not disappoint. Fans and music lovers have labeled it as one of the best music videos to come out of Africa, praising the cinematic quality and the creative direction of TG Omori.

“The video is the best I ever shot; I sit down daily to watch it.” – TG Omori

Awaiting Official Confirmation

While the speculations and estimations continue to swirl, we at are reaching out to TG Omori for an official statement on the actual costs involved in the making of ‘Feel’.

Stay tuned for official confirmations and more exciting insights into the world of music and entertainment!


In the dazzling world of music and cinematography, the collaboration between Davido and TG Omori on ‘Feel’ has set a new benchmark. While the exact figures remain a well-kept secret, the speculated amounts suggest a production of grand scale and high quality.

The anticipation and the buzz surrounding the video are testament to the creative genius of both Davido and TG Omori, and fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation on the speculated costs. Until then, the world continues to enjoy the visual and musical feast that is ‘Feel’.


  1. Q: How much is TG Omori known to charge for a music video? A: TG Omori is rumored to charge around $100,000 per music video.
  2. Q: When was the ‘Feel’ music video released? A: The official release date is October 3.
  3. Q: Where can I watch the ‘Feel’ music video? A: The video will be available on various music video platforms, including YouTube.
  4. Q: Has TG Omori commented on the production costs of ‘Feel’? A: As of now, there has been no official statement from TG Omori regarding the exact production costs.
  5. Q: Why is there so much speculation around the cost of the ‘Feel’ music video? A: The speculation is due to the high-profile collaboration between Davido and TG Omori and the cinematic quality of the video.

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