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Dream About Something Pressing You: Spiritual Meanings And What To Do

Dream About Something Pressing You: Spiritual Meanings And What To Do



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When you’re pressed down in a dream, it’s a spiritual attack, a battle waged in the spiritual realm. These forces, invisible to the physical eye, are often discernible only when your spiritual eyes are opened. They might even use the face of someone you know to execute this attack.

Understanding the Spiritual Attack

Being pressed down in a dream signifies being surrounded by envious witchcraft and dark forces that don’t want you to progress. This dream is a bad omen, indicating that something strange is about to happen. It’s a tool used by agents of darkness to bring obstacles, difficulties, and setbacks into your life. Their goal is to steal, kill, and destroy, making it difficult for you to rise early in life and even passing a death sentence on you.

The Implications

  • Spiritual War: Seeing yourself pressed down by forces means you should prepare for spiritual warfare.
  • Curse and Ancestral Bondage: Dreaming of demons pressing you down indicates operating under a curse or ancestral bondage.
  • Assignment of Death: These forces often originate from graveyards, carrying out assignments of death.

The Way Out: Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

Steps to Victory

  1. Repentance: Turn away from all known sins.
  2. Surrender to Jesus: He is the Stronger One who has already won the victory.
  3. Violent Faith: The kingdom suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.
  4. Blood of Jesus: Use it as a weapon for protection and deliverance.
  5. Word of God: Your sword in the spiritual battle.

Prayer Strategy

  • Morning Section: Pray for deliverance from dark powers pressing you down.
  • Afternoon Section: Focus on recovery and restoration of what you’ve lost.
  • Night Section: Declare protection and victory over every demonic operation.

Key Bible Verses

  • Psalm 7:15-16
  • Psalm 35:8
  • Luke 10:19
  • Psalm 18:44-45
  • Isaiah 41:10-12
  • Isaiah 49:24-26

50 Powerful Prayer Points Against Spiritual Oppression in Dreams

  1. Heavenly Father, I seek Your protection against every spiritual attack in my dreams.
  2. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke every spirit pressing me down in my sleep.
  3. I declare freedom from every ancestral bondage affecting my dreams.
  4. Lord, let Your fire consume every agent of darkness assigned against me.
  5. I plead the blood of Jesus over my dream life, securing divine protection.
  6. Every evil covenant influencing my dreams, I break you by the power in the blood of Jesus.
  7. I command every spirit of fear and anxiety in my dreams to leave now in Jesus’ name.
  8. Lord, dispatch Your angels to guard me in my sleep and fight my spiritual battles.
  9. Every demonic power manipulating my dreams, be rendered powerless in Jesus’ name.
  10. I reclaim all the good things I’ve lost in the spiritual realm through oppressive dreams.
  11. I decree and declare that no weapon formed against me in my dreams shall prosper.
  12. Every satanic oppression in my dreams, I command you to cease in the name of Jesus.
  13. I release myself from the grip of any problem transferred into my life through dreams.
  14. Every plan of the enemy to use dreams to delay my destiny, be frustrated in Jesus’ name.
  15. I break every curse of stagnation and limitation in my dreams.
  16. Every evil altar speaking against me in the spiritual realm, be silenced now by the blood of Jesus.
  17. I command every demonic presence in my dreams to flee in the name of Jesus.
  18. Lord, let Your light shine in every dark area of my dream life.
  19. I speak victory over every battle I face in my dreams.
  20. Every spirit of the graveyard assigned against me in dreams, be bound in Jesus’ name.
  21. I cancel every evil verdict pronounced against me in the spiritual realm.
  22. Every demonic chain binding me in my dreams, break by fire in the name of Jesus.
  23. I declare that I am more than a conqueror in my dream battles.
  24. Every arrow of sickness fired into my life through dreams, backfire now in Jesus’ name.
  25. I uproot every seed of affliction planted in my life through oppressive dreams.
  26. Lord, release Your healing power over every damage done in my dreams.
  27. I decree that every dream of oppression shall not manifest in my physical life.
  28. Every spirit of poverty and lack in my dreams, I command you to leave now.
  29. I break every yoke of bondage manifesting through my dreams.
  30. Every demonic surveillance over my dream life, be blinded now in Jesus’ name.
  31. I command every spirit of confusion in my dreams to leave and never return.
  32. Every evil hand trying to manipulate my destiny in dreams, wither now in Jesus’ name.
  33. I release the fire of God to burn every chaff in my dream life.
  34. Every demonic oppression causing depression and anxiety, be lifted now.
  35. I speak peace and clarity into every area of my dream life.
  36. Every spirit of backwardness manifesting in my dreams, be destroyed.
  37. I command every demonic actor in my dreams to be exposed and defeated.
  38. Lord, let Your presence fill my dreams and bring divine revelations.
  39. I reject every satanic substitute in my dreams and embrace God’s original plan for me.
  40. Every demonic obstacle in my path, be removed in Jesus’ name.
  41. I declare that my dreams will align with God’s purpose and plan for my life.
  42. Every spirit of discouragement in my dreams, I overcome you by faith.
  43. I command all evil dreams to lose their hold over my life.
  44. Lord, let Your wisdom guide me in understanding and overcoming dream battles.
  45. I declare that no evil dream shall alter God’s plan for my life.
  46. Every spirit of death and destruction in my dreams, be nullified by the blood of Jesus.
  47. I speak life and prosperity into every area of my life affected by evil dreams.
  48. Lord, renew my mind and spirit to overcome every spiritual attack in dreams.
  49. I declare that I shall dream dreams that uplift and encourage me spiritually.
  50. Thank You, Lord, for victory in my dream life and for the assurance of Your protection.

Remember, the power of prayer lies not just in the words, but in the faith and action that accompany them. Stay strong in faith and continue to seek divine guidance and protection.


Dreams where you’re being pressed down are not to be taken lightly. They are spiritual attacks aimed at derailing your destiny. Engage in fervent prayers, use the Word of God, and apply the blood of Jesus for your protection and victory. Remember, in Christ, you have the power to overcome these attacks and walk in freedom and victory.

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