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Everything You Need to Know About ECHOKE Social Token ($ECHOKE)

The $ECHOKE cryptocurrency is created by Nigerian-American Afropop singer and philanthropist Davido that will be used to provide value to entertainment and hospitality consumers.

Davido launches his own cryptocurrency, “$ECHOKE”

Photo credit: omegoat

What is ECHOKE Social Token?

$ECHOKE Social Token is a cryptocurrency that is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20). It provides access to giveaways, NFTs, festivals, exclusive merchandise, and other entertainment, media, and hospitality benefits.

Why was $ECHOKE Social Token developed?

To turn fans in the entertainment and media industry from spectators into influencers and stakeholders.

The global entertainment market continues to grow year over year. However, entertainment and media are multi-billion dollar industries controlled and owned by a few people at the top. Why develop $ECHOKE Social Token? On the other hand, the fans create or promote content for these industries but do not benefit due to the current ways incentives are set up. Corporations and a privileged few get most of the money, and fans are left unrewarded as mere observers. With $ECHOKE tokens powering our ecosystem, we intend to turn millions of music and entertainment fans from spectators into influencers and decision-makers.

The vision embraces cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as an effective tool to empower active fans and transform them from passive spectators into active influencers that can promote the music and entertainment industry.

$ECHOKE Social Token opportunity

The current entertainment industry offers, for the most part, a transactional relationship with fans. Fans pay to listen to music, attend concerts/shows and buy merchandise without any reciprocal benefits. While there have been attempts to activate direct fans engagement, the results have been underwhelming to a large degree. Cryptocurrencies have come to enable community ownership of value created by communities developed by fans. When communities are built from scratch with tokens, early investors and hodlers can acquire tokens and benefit from early access to become major stakeholders as the ecosystem expands. $ECHOKE is built on a similar ideology and designed to reward early hodlers and investors.

The $ECHOKE tokens Innovation

$ECHOKE partners with artists, festivals, streaming apps, fin-techs, parties, hotels, clubs, and more to offer giveaways and discounts on their services. These partners are provided $ECHOKE tokens, and in return, they offer giveaways in exchange for the tokens as well as exclusive discounts on services. Those that will hold $ECHOKE tokens are high stakeholders in the entertainment industry. They may be super-fans of an artiste, a frequenter of a party series, a massive user of a streaming app, or a combination of both. The discounts and giveaways given to these users will provide them with more benefits for less money.

This entire process is made possible via the novel application of a scalable, blockchain-based token with purchasing and utility infrastructure deployed through a secure, trustless smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. $ECHOKE tokens are finite in the amount that will be issued, and as holders get incentivized, we expect more people to want to acquire the tokens. Hodlers of the token will patronize partners’ services more, which will drive the use-cases.

Who created $ECHOKE Social Token?

$ECHOKE token is created by Omegoat and built-in collaboration with African pop superstar Davido as our first partner. We wanted our first partner to be a respected brand in media and entertainment that has cultivated a dedicated fanbase of young Africans and understands the entertainment industry.

How to Buy ECHOKE Social Token?

You can buy ECHOKE Social Token on Binance Smart Chain via your trustwallet.

$ECHOKE Social Tokens are BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. They can be stored on any crypto wallet that supports the BEP-20 standard. In this guide, we will suggest how crypto newbies can safely store their $ECHOKE tokens for later use.


  1. Download Trust Wallet. It’s a simple mobile wallet that supports a variety of crypto networks, including the BEP-20 network that we will be using here.

Read more on Trust Wallet:

Download for Android: click here

Download for iOS: click here

If you’re totally new to crypto, watch this video to learn how to install the app, create a wallet and keep your coins safe away from hackers: click here

  1. $ECHOKE tokens are shared in a series of giveaways on the Omegoat website. So you need a wallet to receive your tokens on. On the app’s main page, press the ‘receive’ button to find the address you will be receiving your $ECHOKE tokens on.
  1. You’ll be taken to a search box where you can search and choose from a long list of network addresses to send crypto coins to. Like I said at the beginning of this post, $ECHOKE is a BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain token. Search the page for ‘Smart Chain’. You’ll be given a result like the one in the picture below. Click it.
  1. You’ll be taken to the wallet address page where you will see your BSC BEP-20 address and a corresponding QR of the address. This is the address you must provide to our website when claiming your tokens in the giveaway. BSC addresses begin with ‘0x’.
  1. Any $ECHOKE tokens (or any BSC BEP-20 tokens) you send to this address are stored there permanently until you transfer it to another address.
  2. Because $ECHOKE is a very new token, it might take up to an hour after receiving your coins for them to appear on Trust Wallet. Nerds can always search their wallet addresses on to instantly verify that their tokens came through.
  3. To make your tokens appear immediately after sending it to Trust Wallet, you can manually add the $ECHOKE token to Trust Wallet’s list. On the app’s main page, click the ‘receive’ button and search for ‘Echoke Social Token’. Of course nothing will come up. So click the ‘Add custom token’ button.
  1. You’ll be sent to a form where you can enter the details of the ‘Echoke Social Token’ to add it to your Trust Wallet list. Select your network as ‘Smart Chain’.
  1. Copy and paste our contract address in the ‘Contract Address’ box. Ours is…


When you paste it in the contract address, the form will automatically fill up all the other details for you. Now ‘Save’ the form.

  1. You will now be able to see the $ECHOKE tokens immediately when you send them to your wallet.
  1. Because you own the $ECHOKE tokens on your Trust Wallet, you can also transfer them out of your wallet at anytime. All you need is a little bit of BNB as gas money. Luckily for you, we send a small amount of BNB with every single $ECHOKE giveaway reward.


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