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Here’s What Happened Between Elsa Majimbo And Naomi Campbell

Elsa Majimbo, a popular TikTok star, recently talked about her friendship with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Here’s what happened.



Here's What Happened Between Elsa Majimbo And Naomi Campbell

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Elsa Majimbo, a popular TikTok star, recently talked about her friendship with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Here’s what happened.

The Beginning of Friendship

Elsa became famous for her funny videos on TikTok. She met Naomi, who is a famous model, and they became friends. Naomi’s support helped Elsa a lot in her career.

The Problem

Elsa made a documentary about her life. She didn’t tell Naomi about it. This made Naomi upset because she thought they were close friends. They had a fight, and Elsa felt really bad about it.

Elsa’s Struggle

The fight with Naomi made Elsa feel sad. She started drinking too much to cope with her feelings. This wasn’t good for her health.

Trying to Make Things Right

Elsa met Edward Enninful, who is a big editor. He helped her realize that she needed to fix things with Naomi. Elsa tried to talk to Naomi again, but they are still not close friends like before.

Key Points:

  • Elsa met Naomi in Nairobi in 2020.
  • They argued about a documentary in 2022.
  • Naomi stopped talking to Elsa.
  • Elsa felt sad and drank too much.
  • She met Edward Enninful and decided to make peace.
  • Elsa now focuses on herself and feels better.

The transcript of with What Happened Between Elsa Majimbo and Naomi Campbell:

“Talk about Naomi Campbell. Talk about Naomi Campbell. Do Nomi, Nomi, your mentor. Relax, relax. I’m here to tell you today what happened.

So, um, in December 2021โ€ฆ No, in December of 2020, Naomi was coming to Nairobi to do some shopping. Um, she was on holiday, but on a remote place, so she was in Nairobi doing shopping. And I texted, and she told me she’s in Nairobi. So, I was so excited to meet her. She was the first celebrity I was ever going to meet, guys. I was through the roof. She texted me. She texted me. She was like, “Hey, I’m here.” She texted me the location. I went directly. I went with my brother. So, my brother and I, we met her. We did some shopping. And as we’re shopping, she’s like, “Oh, you know, the plane that’s taking us back actually has a few couple more seats. Do you and your brother want to join us on holiday?” Hell yes. So, I just, I was like, “Oh, that’ll be so, that would be so lovely.” But I texted my dad. I said, “Hey, get the car ready. I’m coming to the house. We are going to the airport in an hour to meet Naomi Campbell so she can take me on vacation.” So, we go on vacation. We have like a nice, we had like a very nice vacation. Naomi took care of me the whole entire time. The whole entire time we were staying on the beach, we doing this and then like this, that eating, just having fun, you know, what people do on vacation. And this one time we were on the beach, Naomi was like, “Oh, you know, we should do um, a documentary, a film about you living in Kenya.” And I was like, “Oh, yeah, that’s fantastic.” She introduced me to a couple people um, in Hollywood. It was so lovely. So, a couple of people she was on vacation with were coming to Nairobi after the vacation. They were staying at the Kinsky. So, I went to see them um, at the Kinsky when the whole thing was over. So, I went, I sat down with them, I was talking to one of them. And one of them was like, “Oh, it’s so, like, how did you meet Naomi?” And I was like, “Oh, no, I texted her on Instagram, blah blah.” And she was like, “Oh, yeah, she told us, like, she made you and she built you and she made your career.” And I was like, “What? No, that’s not what happened.” And she was, and I was like, “You mean, like, helped me and, like, promoted me?” And she was like, “No, like, what you have is because of her.” And I was like, “Oh, yeah, no, that didn’t happen.” It is very important you remember that part for later, okay?

So, time goes by, time goes by, March 2022, we have jumped into March 2022. I get a phone call, um, my phone is ringing. Now, Mamoo. Oh, so, um, I pick up, I’m like, “Hey, sis, like, how are you? How are you doing?” And she’s like, “Elsa, how dare you?” Oh, so I’m in shock, right? I’m in shock. I don’t know what’s going on. So, I had justโ€ฆ So, let me tell you what happened, the context of this, um, phone call. So, I had just finished a doc, not just the previous year, I had done a documentary on my life, about my life, about bullying, about growing up with colorism, all those things, about comedy, why I fell in love with comedy. So, um, um, the film was debuting at Tribeca Film Festival, and someone from Tribeca asked Naomi if she was coming, and Naomi thought the film was the film she had suggested to me on the beach, about me leaving Kenya. So, I was like, “No, no, no, that’s not what it’s about.” I tried explaining to her, and then she was like, “I’ll sue you for the right of this movie, and you know I’ll win, right?” So, I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” I’m like, this is crazy. I’m telling you, this is notโ€ฆ It’s not about that. So, I tell her, “Let me call you tomorrow,” and sheโ€ฆ She asked me, like, “Why didn’t you tell me when I told you at the beach?” And I was like, “You’re Naomi Campbell, you know?” Like, I was starstruck. Like, it took me a very long time to, like, process that moment. But, and I was like, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” So, the next day, I had a flight. The flight I was taking from Botswana to Ghana, where I met that guy actually, that’s the time I was taking that flight. So, I was supposed to call her the next day, but it was a 22-hour flight, and in Ethiopia, there was no service, so I couldn’t call her. So, I called her the day after, immediately I landed in Ghana. So, she’s the first person I called. I’m like, “Hey, um, hey, blah blah, like, are you fโ€ฆ Talk?” And she tells me, “You were supposed to call me tomorrow. Youโ€ฆ You were supposed to call me yesterday. You didn’t call me yesterday,” which she was very right about. And she said, “I have the Met Gala.” And she was like, “This is the last time I’m speaking to you. Have a nice life.” And she hung up, which I was like, I was very saddened by the situation, right? But I was like, if that’s how she truly feels, because I respect people’s, um, space, so I was like, if that’s how she truly feels, fine. It’s okay. So, I let it go.

So, after that, like, a few months, things started going very badly for me. Things started going haywi, and I didn’tโ€ฆ I didn’t think it wasโ€ฆ I thought it was because of the situation, let me not lie. But I was like, you know, also it can be shโ€ฆ So, I was like, let me go. Because also, having someone like Naomi Campbell not liking you in the industry is not a good thing. So, I went to her. I apologized. I apologized. I’d already apologized when the station had happened, but I went and apologized again and again. I tried calling her. I tried texting her. And then one day, she just texted me, and she was like, “Stop, stop trying toโ€ฆ Stop calling me. I have a child to take care of.” So, after that, I just said, “Okay, there’s nothing I can

do about it.” I started drinking. That’s why I even quit alcohol. I started drinking, um, I becameโ€ฆ I started drinking a lot, a lot, a lot, yeah. And then ’cause I wasn’t sure what things were going so wrong, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And then a few months later, I met Edward at a party. And Edwardโ€ฆ Edward Enninful is one of, oh my goodness, he’s one of the people I adore the most. So, I was like, “Oh my goodness, that’s Edward. I have to go say hi.” So, I go, I sayโ€ฆ I’m like, “Hey, Edward, I’m such a big fan.” And he looks at me, he looks at me, he’s like, “I know you.” And then he said something that made me think the situation with Naomi was causing, like, some of the trials and tribulations I was currently going through. So, I was like, you know what? I need to fix this. So, I went to one of our mutual friends, and I was like, “Hey, please, can you, um, tell Nai?” ‘Cause I knew they were going on holiday together. So, I was like, “Hey, can you please tell Naomi to text me?” And she was like, “Yeah, I’ll make sure and blah blah.” So, a couple of days went by, and then Naomi finally texted me, and she was like, “Yeah, I let that go a long time ago. I’m not one to hold a grudge.” She sent me a very lovely text. She said, “Happy New Year.”

So, after that happened, this was a new year, 2023. So, after that happened, every single step I made, every single move I made, I told Naomi. Every single thing I did, I told Naomi. I would breathe, I’d tell Naomi. Whether she would reply or not, I would send her a message, because I didn’t want what happened to happen again. And after some time, after a few weeks, I called my mom, and I was like, “This isn’t normal. This doesn’t feel healthy. It feelsโ€ฆ It kind of feels, you know, it doesn’t feel too nice.” There’s nothing healthy or normal about this. And I was like, “I don’t want to be in a situation like this.” So, after that, I just decided it is healthier for me to completely remove myself from the situation and get myself out.

And you remember, Alia, when I said my friends said, um, the ones Naomi had introduced me to, when they said, “Oh, Naomi had made you,” remember when I say that? So, I want toโ€ฆ I just want to, um, acknowledge that and say that, even throughโ€ฆ Through all this, right? Even through everything that happened, first of all, number one, obviously, I played a part in it, because I am part of the story. In any situation you are in, you play a part, you play a role, and I had my role, and I apologize for my role. And something else, when she said she made me, I’m not going to speak on that, but I will say that Naomi did give me a lot of credibility, especially when I first entered the industry. She gave me a lot of credibility, and that’s not something that I can just say, “Oh, you know, this happened and Naomi.” I can’t say that. She did hold me up high, and she introduced me to a lot of people. She made me feel special. She did a lot of things to me. So, I wouldn’t say she made me, but she did play a big role in a lot of the things that I did in that space during that time. So, yeah, me and her, we’re not friends. We’re not enemies. We’re not anything. Just not really in association, so we’re just strangers.”

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