Full Text: Transcript Of Erdogan’s Speech In Support Of Palestine

Full Text: Transcript Of Erdogan's Speech In Support Of Palestine

During a rally in support of Palestine, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a bold statement, declaring, “We can come at any night unexpectedly.” Read Erdogan’s remarks here.

During a rally in support of Palestine, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a bold statement, declaring, “We can come at any night unexpectedly.”

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In response, hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens erupted, chanting in unison, “Turkish military to Gaza.”

Read Erdogan’s remarks in full below, as obtained and translated by

Paragraph 1: “İstanbul, are we ready? Let’s see our flags now, let’s see all the flags. The time is right, he is coming. Here is the hope of the world’s oppressed, our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is the voice of the oppressed, saying ‘The world is bigger than five.’ From tense sleeps, from blind nights, a morning will come, bright as snow. From tense sleeps, from blind nights, a morning will come, bright as snow. Then, from tangled riddles, a morning will come, bright as snow. Then, from tangled riddles, a morning will come, bright as snow.”

Paragraph 2: “Struck down in the first spring of his life, flowers bloom from his blood. Struck down in the first spring of his life, flowers bloom from his blood. On the shoulders of all the martyrs, a morning will come, bright as snow. On the shoulders of all the martyrs, a morning will come, bright as snow.”

Paragraph 3: “Rain will fall from the sky, dear Istanbulites. The esteemed General President of the Nationalist Movement Party, Mr. Devlet Bahçeli; the President of Northern Cyprus, my dear brother, Mr. Ersin Tatar; respected party leaders; valuable guests from abroad who joined our rally; my dear brothers and sisters, I greet you all with my deepest feelings of respect and love. I thank each and every one of you on behalf of myself and my nation for embracing the Palestinian cause and for being a hope to the oppressed in Gaza.”

Paragraph 4: “At the very beginning of my words, I remember with mercy all the martyrs, veterans, and heroes who left these lands to us as a homeland, from the Anatolian Seljuk State to the Ottoman Empire and the Republic. I commemorate with gratitude those who contributed to the establishment and survival of our states, which stamped their sovereignty on the homeland territories, and I express my gratitude to everyone who contributed with their mind and labor to ensure that our flag waves in our skies forever and our call to prayer is recited until the Day of Judgment.”

Paragraph 5: “My brothers and sisters, you have shown today that you are such a great nation in a different way. We are such a great nation and state that our strength, our problem, our struggle is not only limited to our borders. While we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Republic tomorrow, today we will shout out the fire in our hearts for Gaza to the whole world. Just as we have been a nation in the past in Thrace, in the Balkans, in the Caucasus, on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean, in Central Asia, in South Asia, in Africa, we have taught the world what nationality is.”

Paragraph 6: “We have shared the pain of our brothers and sisters who turned their hearts and eyes to us, and we have extended a helping hand when necessary, just as we have opened our borders to our brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, among the politicians of my country, there are those who leave Hamas to Netanyahu. How Netanyahu called Hamas a terrorist, shame on them. Those who are unaware of what Hamas is, who Hamas is, are unfortunate. And those who vote for them in my country should think well now. Those who vote for them should think well now. May history not make us live what we are experiencing today. Inshallah.”

Paragraph 7: “The youth of our generation and the previous generation spent their time following, telling, and condemning the pains experienced by our brothers and sisters all over the world. From Crimea to Karabakh, from Bosnia to Kirkuk, from Palestine to Turkistan, from Afghanistan to Chechnya, we shed tears for many geographies. Our lives have not passed in vain. Today, some see Gaza, which is far away, very far away, as a place that has nothing to do with us. Unfortunately, they even say this openly. However, just a century ago, Gaza was as much a part of this country and this nation as Adana, Edirne, Kırklareli, Mardin, Gaziantep, and Antep.”

Paragraph 8: “When you happen to pass by the graves, do not neglect to visit them, and look carefully at the names and cities on the tombstones. You will see that Gazans are lying side by side with those from Balıkesir and Şanlıurfa, just as those from Üsküp are. In fact, in the list of Çanakkale martyrs, Gaza, with the 53 martyrs it gave, ranks above many of the cities within our current borders. But unfortunately, they separated us from all these lands, which we considered an inseparable part of our homeland. They did not just separate us physically; they also turned every trick to uproot it from our minds and hearts.”

Paragraph 9: “They separated millions of our people from their lives, and millions had to leave their homes and take refuge in Anatolia. We must never forget the lessons we learned from those difficult days. In this magnificent meeting where we came together to support our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza, we must leave with the determination to never allow a new Gaza to emerge. My brothers and sisters, there is no doubt that Turkey is a great state with its history, culture, geography, and civilization.”

Paragraph 10: “At the same time, Turkey is a country that is under constant threat from all its qualities. Our country is the target of great threats and great projects, whether in the south, north, east, west, or even beyond. We know that no incident that occurs, no crisis that arises, and no alliance that is established is independent of the games played on Turkey. Hamas is not a terrorist organization. I said this, and Israel was very disturbed by it. We were not expecting anything else; we knew you would react this way, and that’s why we expressed it openly and clearly.”

Paragraph 11: “And God willing, what do we say? La galibe illallah. We have believed in this, we have faith in this. The victorious is only Allah. So, we are not only condemning the massacre in Gaza here, but we are also defending our own independence and future. Sultan Abdulhamid had extensive dealings with those lands. When you dig under the concepts he expressed at the highest level, a betrayal map that includes our country’s lands comes out.”

Paragraph 12: “In 1947, what were Gaza and Palestine? What are they today? Israel, how did you come here, how did you enter? You are an occupier; you are a terrorist organization. The West owes you, but Turkey does not owe you anything. That’s why we speak so comfortably, and that’s why Erdoğan speaks like this. But unfortunately, every country in the West owes you, and because they owe you, they cannot speak. They come to visit you, and by visiting you, they almost ask for forgiveness from you.”

Paragraph 13: “But we have no such problem. We are on the side of the oppressed. The poet says, ‘I cannot applaud tyranny, I can never love the oppressor. I cannot curse the past for the pleasure of the newcomer. If someone attacks my ancestors, I will strangle them if I can, if not, I will at least drive them away. I cannot follow the tail of the ignorant. Even if I die, I cannot bow down. Since I was born, I am in love with independence. Do not think that I am a tame sheep if I am soft-spoken. Maybe I can be slaughtered, but it is not easy to put a leash on my neck.'”

Paragraph 14: “We are a nation that has always stood against oppression. We have those who cursed the Jews when Jerusalem was occupied, who went to the tomb of Sultan Saladin, the conqueror of Jerusalem, and spat out their centuries-old grudges. We have those who acted with the spirit of taking revenge for the conquest of 1453 during the occupation of Istanbul, whose ambitions were stuck in their throats. Remember those who wrote 1453 on the walls, we do not forget, do we? Just like you said. But we will not let those who use the sword of the infidel to cut the truth, to turn the facts upside down.”

Paragraph 15: “You see, you follow, those who shed crocodile tears for the civilians killed in the Russia-Ukraine war are now silently watching the death of thousands of innocent children. How many children need to die for you to declare a ceasefire? How many women need to die? How many elderly need to die? With this last attitude, the sin book of the West has once again exceeded its limits by furlongs. Of course, every country has the right to defend itself. Okay, but where is justice? Where is justice? What is happening in Gaza is not defense, it is an open and vile massacre.”

Paragraph 16: “They are trying to collectively destroy the people of Gaza by using hunger, thirst, lack of fuel, and collapsing health services as a weapon. We experienced this night, didn’t we? What was the situation in Gaza tonight? You saw it, didn’t you? Everything is dark, there is nothing to eat, hospitals are dark. Think about it, they are performing surgeries without anesthesia, and they are performing their operations in the dark. O world, you see all these realities. The Secretary-General of the United Nations is shouting, but you do not hear, you have become deaf, you have become blind, you have never listened to them.”

Paragraph 17: “I said in Davos, ‘You know how to kill well.’ These are the ones who know how to kill well. Yesterday, they were strangling each other, they were exterminating Jews in gas chambers, they were erasing cities from the map with the atomic bombs they dropped. My brothers and sisters, the same mentality is now in Gaza, before in Karabakh, Bosnia, Iraq, Syria, Arakan, and many places in Africa. We saw these cruelties, these atrocities. The direct or indirect perpetrators of this brutality are them. That’s why Gaza is not just the issue of those who are struggling to hold on to life there, it is the issue of all of us. We have a couple of words for those who try to take this issue out of the humanitarian and Islamic ground and play their small political games, dig up their rotten historical accounts, and act with their sick bigotry. Do not do this. Do not take on the responsibility of the innocent children, women, and men who are killed or live under the threat of being killed in Gaza every moment. Do not be a partner in the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Gaza. Learn from the recent past, from what happened in Iraq, Syria, and other corners of our geography.”

Paragraph 18: “Look, the famous Palestinian poet says, ‘I shouted at the cruel enemy, ‘O Palestine, my heart is with you, my soul is with you, my blood is with you, my body is with you, my spirit is with you, my mind is with you, my existence is with you.

Paragraph 19: “The situation in Gaza is dire. The shops are gone, electricity, water, sewage, and infrastructure are completely destroyed. Since aid is not allowed to be brought in from outside, all humanitarian needs, from electricity to food, health, and cleaning materials, are unmet. What has been happening since last night is truly a state of madness.”

Paragraph 20: “Despite this grave situation, the dignified, determined, and faithful stance of the people of Gaza will be written in history as a glorious resistance epic. Faith and determination are such qualities that, as our ancestors say, they can get milk out of a bull. Faith is that divine jewel, how great it is! A heart without faith is a burden in the chest. Patience and determination are such qualities that, like water droplets hitting the same point, they can even pierce marble. The Palestinian resistance, with the recent events in Gaza, has overcome the difficulties it experienced in the past and has turned into a story of courage and determination.”

Paragraph 21: “This spirit and enthusiasm have always been present in the Palestinian people. It is just that the disproportionate attacks by Israel and its supporters, as well as the lack of resolve in the attitudes of the regional countries in the past, prevented the Palestinian people from receiving the support they needed and deserved. I will express the determination of the Palestinian people to resist with the words of a poet: ‘I will defend every inch of my homeland with my teeth. I do not want another homeland in exchange, even if they hang me. I do not want it, even if they drain me from my veins. I am still here, a prisoner of my love, following my home, following my homeland. I am still here, they cannot wash me away, no matter how much they load the cross on my shoulders. I am still here, holding you, holding you in my palms, with my teeth.'”

Paragraph 22: “Yes, the people of Gaza are ready to defend their homeland with their teeth. Are we ready to do what is necessary? This nation can do it; it did it yesterday, it does it today, and by God’s will, it will do it tomorrow. And we must be prepared for this. If the Palestinians are misled to leave for a while, thinking that they will find peace when they return, or if they are persuaded in that way, none of them can return to their homes again. They are saying the same thing for the people of Gaza. What do these immoral people say? ‘Go,’ they say. When asked where, they say, ‘Go to the desert, cross to this country, head to this gate.’ They drop bombs on those who, out of injury or desperation, heed this advice and set out on the road. Because they only know how to kill.”

Paragraph 23: “Despite the bombs raining down on them by the oppressor, I respectfully salute the determination of the people of Gaza not to leave their homes and cities from here. I wholeheartedly believe that the following verses of a Palestinian poet are pouring out from the tongues of millions in Gaza: ‘Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar. Allah is the greatest. The poet says, ‘The missile is from you, the stone is from us. The sword is from you, the blood is from us. The fire is from you, the life is from us. Take your watches, take our time, and get out. Do not dirty our pigeon hands. Take your hands off our bread, our salt, our wound, our water, and our land. Take what you want from our blood, and get out.’ Inshallah, we will see the days when the oppressors will be gone from the lives of the Palestinian people.”

Paragraph 24: “Never in the history of humanity has such a thing happened.”

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