Fact Check: The Body Double Of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-un

Multiples conspiracy theorists on the Internet believe North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un has a double body.

Kim Jong-un was reported by many media too had died from a cardiovascular procedure.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance on May 1, to cuts the ribbon in honour of the opening of a new fertilizer plant.

Internet users said they noticed a number of oddities and differences in the photos.

Here is a fact check on a rumour spread on social media that Kim Jong-un has a double body in the last photo, the North Korean leader has a number of differences.

Did kim jong-un died of a heart attack?

No, according to source Kim Jong-un faked his death to flush out “traitors” who secretly hope to snatch power from him.

Claim that kim jong-un has double body

Twitterati, Louise Mensch on May 2, 2020, said Photos of Kim Jong Un opening a fertilizer factory in Sunchon on May 1 look totally different.

Rating: Mixture

What is true: The First Photos of Kim Jong Un appearance at opening a fertilizer factory in Sunchon on May 1, was shared by KCNA.

What is false: The trending double body photo of Kim at the fertilizer plant isn’t authentic and it was a doctored image.

After checking on the image with some available tools and zoomed in with gear – it shows that it was doctored… the teeth was mashed up they became different from Kim’s famous Bugs Bunny-like chompers.

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