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Ghana’s Presidential Palace Becomes the Set for Meek Mill’s Latest Music Video

Ghana’s Presidential Palace Becomes the Set for Meek Mill’s Latest Music Video



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Meek Mill is no stranger to making headlines, and his latest project is no exception. The American rapper recently filmed a music video at the Ghana Jubilee House, the official residence of the President of Ghana.

Fans were shocked to see the artist standing on the Presidential podium, surrounded by the luxurious surroundings of the palace.

According to sources, Meek Mill was given permission to film at the iconic location by the President himself, whose daughter is a fan of the artist.

While some people have criticized the decision to allow Meek Mill to film at the Jubilee House, many others are praising the artist for bringing attention to Ghana and its rich culture.

Meek Mill Films Music Video At Ghana’s Presidential Palace

Meek Mill, an American rapper, has caused a stir in Ghana due to a music video that appears to have been filmed at the Jubilee House, Ghana’s presidential palace. Many individuals have expressed their anger over the video.

On Sunday, the video was shared on Meek Mill’s Instagram account. However, when this post was written, was unable to locate the video on the rapper’s social media page.

Recently, a number of American celebrities visited Ghana for the Black Star Line Festival. The event, which took place last week, featured performances by well-known musicians including Chance the Rapper, T-Pain, and Erykah Badu.

According to reports from local sources, the community is outraged at what they perceive as the “disrespect” of the presidency by Meek Mill and the potential security risks associated with filming a music video in such a prominent location. Many individuals are expressing their anger and disappointment at the decision to allow the rapper to utilize the Presidential palace for his project.

Ghanaians have taken to Twitter to express their concerns about the situation. Many have commented on the issue, voicing their similar concerns on the social media platform.

Rapper Meek Mill, whose birth name is Robert Williams, recently took a DNA test and learned that he is 18% Ivorian and Ghanaian.

However, Meek Mill’s decision to film at the Ghana Jubilee House has sparked a lot of interest and debate, and it’s sure to be a memorable moment in the artist’s career. Whether you love or hate the decision, there’s no denying that it was a bold move that has captured the attention of the world.

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