100 Body Creams and Soaps to Avoid at All Costs: A Must-Read for Every Consumer


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Every consumer desires clear, radiant, and healthy skin. Yet, navigating the expansive world of body care products can be a minefield. Not all creams and soaps are created equal. Some can do more harm than good. This comprehensive guide is a must-read for everyone. Discover the top 100 body creams and soaps you should avoid at all costs.

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The Dangers of Hydroquinone and Mercury

Skin lightening products have gained popularity over the years. Yet, many contain harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone and mercury. Hydroquinone can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and discoloration. Mercury, on the other hand, is linked to serious health issues. Products containing these ingredients are a big NO.

Common Products with Hydroquinone and Mercury


1. Maxi Claire beauty cream
2. Rapid White
3. Caro Light
4. Carro 7
5. Djarabi
6. Clairmen
7. Skin light
8. Caro Liss
9. Citro Light
10. Top clair plus
11. L’abidjanaise
12. Mekako
13. Bio 21 Jours
14. Cocoderm
15. Rico
16. Maxi light
17. Pure White
18. Princess
19. C & G
20. Extra Toning
21. Butone
22. Carotone
23. Sivo Clair
24. Extra Cream
25. Yes To
26. Rejuvenating
27. Mic
28. Touch and Clear
29. Caro skin
30. Viva Super
31. Ultra Skin Tone
32. Ikb Medicated
33. Princess Patra

Luxury Complexion Cream
34. Fade – Out
35. Crusader Skin

Toning Cream
36. Envi Skin Toner
37. Palmer`s Skin Success
38. Tura Bright &
39. Zarina
40. Fair & white Active
41. Claire Cream 42. Ambi Special
43. Fair & White Whitening 44. Miki Beauty
45. Lolane Cream
46. Fair & White Strong

Bleaching Treatment Cream
47. Peau Claire
48. Glotone

Complexion Cream
49. Fair & white Body
50. Clear Essence

Skin Beautifying Milk
51. Nindola Cream
52. Maxi – Tone fade
53. Tura Skin Toning
54. Tonight Night

Beauty Cream
55. Nadinola Fade
56. Madonna

Medicated Beauty
57. Fulani Cream

Eclaircissante Cream
58. Clear Essence Medicated fade
59. Mrembo

Medicated Beauty Cream
60. Clere Lemon Cream
61. Ultra Skin Tone
62. Shirley Cream
63. Clere ExtraCream
64. Fade – Out
65. Kiss –

Medicated Beauty Cream
66. Binti Jambo Cream
67. Palmer`s Skin Success
68. UNO21 Cream
69. Malaika

Medicated Beauty Cream
70. Fair & white Active

71. Crusader Ultra

Brand Cream
72. Dear Heart with

Hydroquinone Cream
73. Fair & White Whitening
74. Ultime Skin

Lightening Cream
75. Nish Medicated Cream
76. Fair & White Strong

Bleaching Treatment Cream
77. Rico Skin Tone Cream
78. Island Beauty

Skin Fade Cream
79. Fair & white Body

Clearing milk
80. Baraka Skin

Lightening Cream
81. Malibu Medicated Cream
82. Maxi – Tone fade
83. Fairlady Skin

Lightening Cream
84. A3 Tripple action Cream

Pearl Light
85. Nadinola Fade
86. Immediat Claire

Lightening Body Cream
87. Elegance Skin

Lightening Cream
88. Symba crème Skin Lite‘N’ Smooth
89. Mr. Clere Cream
90. Cleartone Skin

Toning Cream
91. No Mark Cream
92. Clear TouchCream
93. Ambi Extra

Complexion Cream for men
94. Crusader Ultra Brand Cream
95. Cleartone Extra

Skin Toning Cream
96. Ultime Skin Lightening Cream
97. O`Nyi Skin Crème 98. Rico Skin Tone Cream

1. Tamarin
2. Camee
3. Extra Clair
lightening Body Lotion
4. Yes To
5. White Express
6. Precieux
Treatment Beauty Lotion
7. Jaribu Skin Lightening
8. Clear Touch Lotion
9. Super Max – Tone Lotion
10. Caroderm
11. Shiny
12. Amira Skin Lightening lotion
13. L’abidjanaise
14. Meti’cee
15. A3 Cleartouch

Complexion Lotion
16. Djarabi
17. Beauty oil Abana
18. A3 Lemon Skin Lightening Lotion
19. Caroliss
20. Peau Claire Body
21. Extra Clair
lightening Body Lotion
22. Caro Top lotion
23. Reine Clair Rico
Super Body
24. Precieux

Treatment Beauty Lotion
25. Top lemon
26. Immediate

Claire Maxi – Beauty
23. Amira Skin
24. A3 Cleartouch
25. Kiss Lotion
26. Princess Lotion
Lightening lotion
27. Bio liss
28. Tura Lotion
29. Maxi Claire
30. Sivoclair

lightening Body Lotion
27. Jaribu Skin
Lightening Lotion
1. Uniderm 2. Body Clear
Antiseptic Soap
3. Topi Clear
4. Djarabi 5. Blackstar 6. Ultra Clear
7. Skin light 8. Cherie Claire Body
Beauty Lightening
9. Topi Clear
& Treating Soap Complexion
10. Immediate Clair
Lightening Beauty Soap
11. Lady Claire 12. M.G.C Extra


1. Maxi Claire
2. Shiny Beauty
3. Top Claire Plus
4. Tamarin
5. Charms
6. Caro derm
7. Skin Light
8. Carro 7
9. L’abidjainaise
10. Rapid Clair
11. Beauty Lotion Shinny
12. Djarabi
13. Yes To
14. Bio 21 Jours
15. Bio liss
16. Yes To lotion
17. Caro Top lotion
18. Maxi Claire
19. New Shirley Medicated
20. Top lemon
21. Pimplex

22. Top Claire Plus

1. UnidermSoap
2. Djarabi Soap
3. Jaribu Soap
4. Skin Light Soap
5. Super Family
6. Binti Jambo Soap
7. Baby and Maman Soap
8. Movate Soap
9. Amira Soap
10. La Bamakoise Savon

Tamarin Soap
11. Miki Soap
12. Mekako Soap
13. Rico Soap
14. Tura Soap
15. Jaribu Soap
16. Acura Soap
17. Fair Lady
18. Elegance

Tip: Always check product labels for ingredients.

Alternatives and Safe Practices

Opt for products with natural ingredients. Brands like Shea Moisture and Burt’s Bees prioritize natural ingredients.

Real Life Examples and Testimonials

We’ve gathered testimonials from individuals who’ve experienced adverse effects from harmful creams and soaps. These real-life stories highlight the importance of choosing safe skincare products.

“I used a skin lightening cream with hydroquinone and my skin has never been the same.” – Jane Doe

    • Sarah, a 28-year-old woman, used a hydroquinone-based cream for a few months. She noticed severe skin irritation and dark patches on her face. It took her months to recover her skin’s natural glow after discontinuing the product.
    • John, a 35-year-old man, unknowingly used a soap containing high levels of mercury. He experienced persistent rashes and itching. Medical tests confirmed elevated mercury levels in his blood, leading to concerns about long-term health effects.


Your skin is precious, and you should treat it with care. Avoiding body creams and soaps containing hydroquinone and mercury is crucial for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. We’ve provided you with a list of products to steer clear of and recommended some trustworthy brands.

Remember, making informed choices about your skincare routine is the first step toward a healthier and happier you. Stay safe, stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalized skincare recommendations.

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