Here’s Everything Jude Okoye Said About Cynthia Morgan, May D & Psquare


Jude Okoye speaks on Cynthia Morgan, May D & Psquare

What did Jude Okoye say about Cynthia Morgan?

Jude Okoye said Cynthia Morgan already wanted to change her name before leaving and she wanted to leave the label without paying her dues.
He also added that he shot about 12 videos for her of about 3 million each.

Jude Okoye said she’s been free since 2017. How can I hold someone’s mama and papa name? She can’t blame me for her failure.

Okoye said she spent over 40 million for her, gave her a range rover, buy her land and pay her house rent.

What did Jude Okoye say about May D?

He also spoke about what happened with May D, he said he gave May D a hummer jeep, gave him a house to live and allow him shopped on his card he asked What else are you looking for?

Why did Psquare separate?

Jude Okoye Engees said Peter Okoye was fighting him to be out of Psquare because Usher did it, Beyonce did it and everybody did it.

Paul Okoye told Peter to give him a reason Jude Okoye has to go, he couldn’t give any reason but let him just go. So Paul Okoye has to be punished and let him go.

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