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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Gerrard Pique’s Girlfriend

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Gerrard Pique’s Girlfriend



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Gerrard Pique appears to have moved on from Shakira and is looking to start a new chapter with a new female. The Catalan-born footballer has been linked to a Spanish model, with the two allegedly seen together in a club.

Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, journalists for the Spanish newspaper EL PERIDICO and podcast hosts for Mamarazzis, were the first to report on Pique’s new girlfriend.

According to the journalist, the girl’s name begins with the letter C, so we’ll use that to describe her until we uncover her full name.

C., a 22-year-old model and event hostess who was known for posting gorgeous updates on her Instagram page, which had 300 posts before she erased 288 of them and finally deleted the account, is the new girl in Gerrard Pique’s life.

Gerrard Pique and C. were first connected after she was seen multiple times in a nightclub with the Barcelona defender. Pique was caught red-handed while still having an affair with his Colombian singer, Shakira.

Many football and music fans have been looking for the girl’s name so that they may go to her profile and comment on it, but she’s most likely a smart girl who doesn’t want the drama and has quietly moved away from social media.

Pique’s much-younger girlfriend, C, is revealed by Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez in the following way:

1. She works at night club

The young girl is an event hostess at a popular bar known as La Traviesa, located in Calle de Tuset, Barcelona.

2. She’s younger than Shakira

Pique is 35, and his ex is 45 years old, while the girl is 22.

Soon, more information about the blonde student will be revealed.

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