How Arshad Sharif Died In Kenya

How Arshad Sharif Died In Kenya

How Arshad Sharif Died In Kenya

Police shot and killed Arshad Sharif, a Pakistani journalist, on Sunday at a checkpoint in Kenya.

How Arshad Sharif Died at 50, met on the Magadi/Kiserian Road Sunday night, was detailed in a Kenyan police occurrence book record.

According to an extensive report written by the Magadi police following the 9 p.m. event on Sunday, Sharif was shot by General Service Unit officers when his driver refused to stop at a checkpoint.

According to the authorities, the murdered Pakistani journalist was shot and killed while being driven in a car with the license plate KDG 200M.

The unordered roadblock was placed at the Kiserian/Magadi Road, close to the GSU training college.

According to the police, the deceased was traveling back to Nairobi with his brother Khurram Ahmed.

Why Arshad Sharif Was Shot

Arshad Sharif, a journalist from Pakistan, was killed in Kenya in this manner. A car was stolen in Starehe, Nairobi, and that was where it all started.

It all began when DCI officers in Starehe, Nairobi, circulated a report of a motor vehicle theft/abduction via OB 70/23/10/2022 stating that Douglas Wainaina left his son, Duncan Kamau, inside the abovementioned car after leaving it parked outside an electrical shop with the registration number KDJ 700F.

According to the report, the owner of the aforementioned automobile discovered his vehicle was missing when he returned.

He subsequently reported the aforementioned occurrence to Pangani Police Station, where the officers found the son at the Olosuritia ACK Church in Kiserian.

As the police were investigating the disappearance of an automobile, they received a report of a shooting event via OB 14/23/10/2022 at 22.00 hours that a shooting incident involving GSU personnel had taken place along Kuenia Farm/Kamukuru Murram Road and resulted in the death of one foreigner.

In response, the officer in charge at the GSU Training School in Magadi was alerted by the DCI officers from Starehe Sub-County at that very moment.

According to the report, the scene was also examined by members of the Kajiado North sub-crime county’s scene investigation team as well as the SCPC Kajiado West, OC, DCI, Kiserian, and OCS, Magadi Police Station.

It was revealed from the scene, close to Tinga Market, that Ahmed and his now-deceased brother were traveling along Kuenia-Kamukuru rough route.

According to the report, when the deceased and his brother arrived at the Kiserian-Magadi road, they discovered that it had been blocked off by tiny stones and chose to bypass them.

At that point, they heard gunfire coming from the front and back of their car. They continued on their route without stopping.

Police claimed that after the journalist’s car was hailed down and instructed to stop, it continued on, prompting them to chase after it and start shooting.

How Arshad Sharif Died

He gave them the go-ahead to pass by his house, and when he got to the main gate, he discovered that his brother had passed away from a gunshot wound to the head that entered from the rear and exited at the front of his skull.

According to the investigation, the stated car was found to have a bullet hole on the left side of the windscreen, the side where the deceased was seated.

It continued that there were four holes on the right side of the boot and the front right tyre was depleted, in addition to the two bullet holes on the rear left back screen and the one on the rear right door.

The Pakistani nationals claimed to be developers and live in Nairobi when they spoke with the police.

After taking pictures of the incident, the body was brought to the Chiromo Mortuary to await an autopsy.

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