Read How Nigeria Skit Makers Make Money Online

Read How Nigeria Skit Makers Make Money Online

Read how do Instagram skit makers make money and how Nigeria skit makers make money online.

There’s a widespread misconception about how skit makers in Nigeria make their money: many people believe they make money through fraudulent ways. In short, it’s all about having good content that goes viral on the internet.

In the real world, it’s more arduous than that, and the average Nigerian skit comedian’s financial success often comes from endorsement deals, advertisement, and streaming.

“Thank you to the social media God bless you content creating it’s a good job,” Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, a professional skitmaker and comedian also known as Mr Sabinus or Mr Funny, told Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

  • Right now, I can boldly say TikTok is pulling it much more than Instagram.
  • We have a YouTube audience, too. Instagram is just the main platform because you get to meet the audience there, but there’s a massive audience on Facebook, too.
  • Facebook is the only one that is even monetized, not even Instagram.
  • Yeah, I understand. And YouTube is monetized.
  • So, if Instagram is no longer available, I still have Facebook, which will pay me, and YouTube, which will also pay me.
  • So content creation is right now for me. It’s a career. It’s helped so many people.

Mr Funny revealed, “I get paid N1.5 million for a post, and in a month, I get around five advertising,” he explained, “so that’s roughly N10 million if God brings a very good month.”

Sabinus said “Content creating it’s so lucrative for Youtube now that people YouTube earns roughly 15 to 20 million every month yeah nobody knows about it so tomorrow if that person should buy a house you say it’s fraud no it doesn’t work that way”

Consider Mr Beast, an American content creator who, according to Forbes’ yearly list, earned $54 million and was the highest-paid YouTuber of the year in 2021.

According to data gathered by Mandy News, Nigerian skitmakers get money through sites like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, endorsement deals, and promotions.

“The Internet has a lot of potential. I have endorsements and have run ads for some notable brands. Online platforms also pay me, “said Instagram comedian, Issac Aloma, popularly known as Zicsaloma.”

As someone who has a decent understanding of the internet, I feel that the majority of Nigerian skit comedians earn their money legitimately.

Consider the fact that on average, they earned $4000 per million views. 

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