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How To Join Clubhouse With Android Phone: Everything We Know


How to join clubhouse with android is a common question people all around the world who would love to join a new platform that lets people chat in real-time using voice are searching for.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a piece of accurate knowledge and understanding about how to join clubhouse with android, how to join clubhouse with android app, how to join clubhouse with android auto, how to join clubhouse with android box, how to join clubhouse with android browser, how to join clubhouse with android code, how to join clubhouse with android development and other related questions to how to join clubhouse with android device.

If you are an iOS user, you can download the clubhouse app. You can download the app to reserve your username and join the waitlist.

The app was created in 2019, from 1,500 users in May 2020 to over a million downloads at the time this article was written. The clubhouse is about an invite-only platform for live chat rooms. Celebrities are already trooping to sign up you might be lucky to hear from superstars such as Drake, Oprah Winfrey, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher and Chris Rock.

Why you should join Clubhouse App: For Business Owners and Marketers

Social media examiner reports —  Clubhouse is showing all the signs of turning social media marketing as we know it on its head. Here are a few reasons why Clubhouse may be the next major social media platform:

  • It offers the ability to connect and engage with professionals outside of your industry or niche.
  • The typical social media algorithms that help people create echo chambers on other platforms are replaced with spontaneous rooms filled with real-time chats on a variety of topics.
  • The focus is on high-value conversations rather than produced content.
  • Clubhouse users are already fiercely loyal and protective, so much so that they’ve been very particular about who they invite to join the app with them.
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The clubhouse is focusing on an audio-only format. Within minutes after joining the app and scrolling around, you start thinking options for how to use Clubhouse to network, grow your authority, or expand your knowledge.

For tips on how to join, get an invite, interact with others in rooms watch these videos below.

How to Join Clubhouse with android device

For now, the clubhouse android version is not available is still in a private beta phase and available only to iPhone users, but we have a solution for android users.

iOS emulator for Android are the go-to solution for the clubhouse APP if you’ve wanted to try the apple iPhone apps on Android phone. You don’t have to own any apple products to get it to work. Just download any of the apple iOS emulators below, and run iOS ClubHouse app on your device.

Best iOS Emulator For Android to install clubhouse 2021

1. Cider (Cycada)



  • Freeware application.
  • 100% malware-free.
  • Updated regularly.
  • Works with both iOS apps & games.
  • UI is easy to use.
  • Supports micro-sd card.
  • Works with the older version of Android.
  • Smaller in size.


  • Not works in all devices.
  • Runs slower on older devices.
  • Not available in Play Store.

Cider installation;

The installing the cider emulator is very easy, follow the simple steps.

  1. First of all, download the apk from the link above.
  2. Now go to  Settings >> Security >> Enable “Unknown Source”. That’s it
  3. Open the downloaded apk & tap next.
  4. Click Install, wait for few a seconds.
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You also try these emulators;





If you can’t try the emulators, wait for the official clubhouse app on play store later this year.

To get an invite, you have to know someone who’s already on the app, and who has one to extend to you. That person’s face will be on your profile indefinitely as the one who invited you in.


Good luck everyone! Tell Beyonce I still love her.

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