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How To Pass IELTS In 2022 – Best New Tips And Tricks

Looking for how to pass IELTS in 2022? Find out how to pass IELTS exam with high score here.



How To Pass IELTS In 2022 - Best New Tips And Tricks

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If you’re reading this, it means that you need to get your IELTS scores in 2022 maybe you need your results next week or next month; or maybe in six months’ time, maybe you need a six, a seven, or even an eight; either way, you have to start thinking about it now.

How To Pass IELTS In 2022? the most important thing to do

  • You need to set goals.
  • You need to break your main goal of passing IELTS into smaller daily and weekly goals so that you can achieve the score you want.
  • The first thing you should do is download the 2022 IELTS goal-setter here.
  • You’re going to use the goal setter to set your daily and weekly goals and stick to them so you can achieve your main goal of getting a high score.
  • Download it print it out, stick it on your wall, use it, just keep in mind that before you do anything, first find out your target scores.

It’s up to you to find out what score you need for university entrance or migration or employment this is a critical first step as it sets a stake in the ground this becomes your aim or target.

Find out your current scores exactly, you need to know where you stand or where your English is in relation to your target scores; you can do this very simply by taking the IELTS full mock test here.

The IELTS full mock test is the perfect place to start your preparation it’ll teach you about the test as you do the test and at the end, you’ll have a reading and listening score and you can also get a writing and speaking score as well.

Lastly, determine the gap between your target scores and your current scores this is your major aim to close this gap we’re now going to go through each section of the test and mark.

I will give you our most important goal-setting tips, okay, make sure you get the downloadable goal-setter here by doing this now it’ll make your life a lot easier in the future let’s talk about:

How to pass IELTS listening in 2022.

I highly recommend listening to podcasts; they’re a great way to improve your English while you’re doing something else like driving or sitting on the bus, and I highly recommend subscribing to English podcasts on the internet.

Listen to a podcast in English about learning English on YouTube so it’s a super helpful great idea, so write this onto your daily goal setter.

For listening, listen to some English every single day, even if it’s just two minutes, it’ll help.

Another biggest tip revealed by Jay, an ex-IELTS examiner who’s been teaching IELTS for 10 years, is for you to learn the six IELTS listening tasks back to front you need to know a multiple-choice matching plan:

  • map diagram labeling
  • form note table flowchart
  • and summary completion sentence
  • completion and short answer
  • the matching questions

I’d recommend learning the matching questions most of all, yeah. Right, that looks a bit confusing, it is you really need to spend some time looking at these types of questions.

If you want to know about confusing questions, I highly recommend you do is check out this post on IELTS advantage they’re great very helpful. Let’s take a look at:

How to pass IELTS reading in 2022

What’s the main tip to get a high score in reading in 2022?

Well, I hate to say it but reading is all about vocabulary so you’ll need to continually build your vocabulary as such I recommend reading in English every single day even if it’s just one news story or one magazine article.

Try to make it a habit to write this down as your daily goal for reading I’d also recommend reading widely across a variety of topics and also keeping flashcards to note down new words.

So when you come across a new word think about whether it’s a noun a verb or an adjective write it down and then write down the translation on the back and then you need to review your vocab once a week as well.

Yeah, good idea you never know what the reading passages will be about so it’s a good idea to have a broad vocabulary and to be comfortable reading about a broad range of topics my biggest tip to conquer reading is to understand synonyms or synonymous language.

Synonyms are essential and you’ll understand them with practice so what I would do as my weekly goal for reading is do some high-quality practice questions HERE.

You’ll start to see how these questions work how the synonyms work how the distractors work and how to understand those tricky question types.

Before we get into IELTS writing, what are your goals for 2022?

As for me, I’m going to learn a little bit of vocabulary I’m going to have my weekly goals as well where I listen to a podcast something like that that’s my aim for 2022.

I will also step up my regular reading and listening and I’m going to make a better effort as well to make notes on not just new vocabulary but short expressions that I can also use when I’m speaking.

Try to make your goals achievable this year. Let’s talk about:

How to pass IELTS writing in 2022.

Let’s just compact IELTS writing into one so this part of the article relates to IELTS writing task one for academic or general and writing task two the essay.

My biggest tip is for you to improve your grammar; you can’t have sloppy grammar in the writing test; you know little things like articles or prepositions or verb tenses, you have to get them right.

So in order to do this, I recommend checking out the British council, where you can revise and practice your grammar to help you increase your confidence and improve your language level.

Write this into your weekly goal-setter Study on the website per week.

It’s really important that you learn how to structure your writing, especially the essay, once you’ve learned how to structure your introduction, your body paragraphs, and your conclusion you can pretty much write an essay, but more importantly, you want to get feedback.

It’s really helpful to get an expert to look at your writing, and when I say expert, I don’t mean a friend and I don’t mean just a general English teacher, you need an expert to check your writing.

The marker really needs to know what they’re doing, they need to know what’s going on with the test, and they also need to be super familiar with these are the IELTS writing criteria and when it comes to IELTS writing this is what it’s all about these describe the way you should write in order to get a high score if you satisfy them you’ll get a high score, and if you don’t satisfy them you’ll get a lower score It’s as simple as that.

To improve your writing well here’s my daily tip:

Do you remember the vocabulary that you learned earlier, use it in a sentence, write a sentence with it, maybe when you create your flashcard write an example sentence or two example sentences so in short write a sentence or two every day using the vocabulary that you’ve learned from reading. Let’s talk about:

How to pass IELTS speaking in 2022.

If you don’t have someone to speak English with, then I’d recommend reading aloud it’s a really helpful way to train your pronunciation, so on your goal sheet, you might want to write down read-aloud under the daily speaking goal.

Also, practicing the two-minute talk in the IELTS test is critical if I have an IELTS test coming up, I’d practice one of those talks at least once a week, you might want to write that down on your goal setter practice IELTS speaking part 2 once per week.

So we’re looking here at an IELTS speaking part two, and this is what you’re given on test day and this is what you need to speak about for two minutes, which can be pretty challenging, yes, a lot of students talk about how difficult it is to extend their ideas and talk for the full two minutes, so you’ll want to check out PTE IELTS website to see some of the techniques and approaches to get the best score.

Again, doing a proper mock speaking test super is helpful you might want to do that early on you know to get a feel for what it’s like to sit one-on-one with an examiner and have them give you feedback.

You can do that HERE let’s look at some final tips to pass IELTS in 2022.

The final tip is don’t leave it to the last minute I’ve seen so many people leave their migration requirements or job requirements or university entrance requirements to the week before the test or the day before the test and then they get a rude shock when they get their scores then they start to freak out so really plan ahead please use your time wisely.

Let’s say you’re aiming for sevens and you take the mock test and you get 7.5for listening, 6.5 for reading. 6 for writing, and seven for speaking; if you are this person, I’d still practice listening because point five is only one or two questions for reading.

I’d give myself one month, basically, if you’re 5 short give yourself a month of study for writing I’d give myself two months and lots of feedback writing can be tricky to improve quickly it requires expert help I’d even think about taking a tutorial for speaking well you’re on the line I’d still practice and take another mock test to work out how you can bump that score up a great idea and great tips.

But what about you, do you have any tips that you want to share with other IELTS test takers, be sure to drop them into the comments below.

You can download the best IELTS prep materials here.

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