How To Pray With Coconut Water And Psalms For Breakthrough

How To Pray With Coconut Water And Psalms For Breakthrough

How To Pray With Coconut Water And Psalms For Breakthrough

Do you know that you can pray for a breakthrough in every area of your life using coconut water and Psalms?

If you go to a job interview, you’ll definitely get the job; likewise, if you ask for favors, favors will start coming your way.

Welcome to As the title of this article indicates, we’ll be showing you how to pray with coconut water and a few passages from the book of Psalms for a complete breakthrough in your life.

Many of our readers have reported great success with these.

You’ll discover three things. How to pray for prompt resolution. When is the best time to pray for prompt responses? as well as the psalms you might recite in that regard.

If you have been praying before and you have not been getting answers to your prayers, or if your request has been delayed, at the end of this article you will learn how to pray for speedy answers.

Midnight prayers

Therefore, your first action should be to pray at midnight. This task needs to be completed in the late hours, about 1am. 2 a.m., 3 a.m., and 4 a.m.

Therefore, the reason I stated midnight is because it is the ideal time to pray since that is when the evil spirits are in their coven, and if you need anything from God, that is the best time to pray for prompt responses. Another reason to complete this task at this hour is to avoid any possible disruptions. At this hour, there won’t be any noise or other disturbances, and there won’t be any opportunities for conversation or other distractions, so everything will be quiet.

Bucket of water: Get a bucket of water; it is important that you use it because it is so powerful. Therefore, you need to get your usual bathing bucket because you’re going to take a bath in it.

Coconut water: Purchase a minimum of one and a maximum of seven coconuts to be used daily. In your bathing bucket, break one of the coconuts.

Book of Psalms: Psalms 35, 51, and 136 are the appropriate scriptures to recite when praying.

How to use it?

As you bring the bucket of water, you must begin by reading Psalm 51 and then beginning to pray for mercy. Next, you must read Psalm 35 and continue to pray as you read the verses, but this time, make sure the water is in your fronts. Finally, you must read Psalms 136. After reading the verses, you begin praying while touching your water and requesting whatever you want.

As you pray, stay focused since it is really powerful and spiritual. Then, after you’ve finished, you must leave the water in the bathroom. You can then go back to bed and take your bath in the early morning without speaking to anyone.

Conclusion: If you do this every day for seven days with a midnight prayer and water, and most importantly, if you follow the verses down, everything will start going well for you. Please come back here to share your testimonies because this has been so helpful to so many people and that’s because it’s very effective.

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