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How To Pray With Prayer Points — 12 Am Midnight Prayers

How To Pray With Prayer Points — 12 Am Midnight Prayers



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So you want to know how to pray with prayer points during midnight prayers?

This article will teach you how to use prayer points for 12 AM Midnight Prayers.

If you have been following us on this website, you should know by now that almost everything we post on our religion category is about spiritual warfare, the word of God, prayer, and fasting, and we want to help you pray right, and one way of praying right is using prayer points.

Prayer Points are a guide, which means you’ll be guided on what to say because you might be so focused on being in God’s presence that you don’t know what to say after 10 or 20 minutes.

As a result, prayer points are provided to assist you and remember that David triumphed. Because he had stones, David was able to defeat Goliath.

It’s good to know what to do when you are fighting the enemy.

Don’t just start spiritual warfare without knowledge without knowing what to do, so prayer points are going to help you fight back the right way.

We wrote this article because we know that for the vast majority of you, this is your first time engaging in spiritual warfare and hearing about prayer points.

God will provide you with the grace and knowledge you require. God’s spirit is here to lead and guide you in praying right.

God is the one who helps us overcome, so when you are praying, what do you do?

You have your prayer points. Sometimes you go and download 70 prayer points, 40 prayer points. Using prayer points is good, but sometimes when there are too many, you get overwhelmed.

We created this title to talk about praying at 12 a.m. or between 12 a.m and 3 a.m. because this is the time the enemy is active and you don’t want to fight the enemy while he has already finished with you. 

This is why it’s good to have prayer points because you can just follow prayer point after prayer point. What do you do? You get overwhelmed.

You’re all over the place now, or you don’t feel like you’re doing the proper thing. What are your plans for utilizing those prayer points?

This is what I want to share in this message.

David had stones to fire at Goliath. You have these prayer points to fire at the enemy.

What do you do with 40 or 70 prayer points?

So if you have too many prayer points and you have to pray them for seven days, divide them into two sets of twenty, and then divide those seven days into two, you’ll have 20 prayer points.

You’ll use them for the first three days and another set of twenty. You’ll use them for the last four days. That way, you can push the enemy against the corner.

You’re praying the enemy out of your situation.

Let me say this: we don’t want you to be lazy and say, “I said you spread the prayer points into seven days.” No, we don’t want you to be lazy and spread those 40 prayer points into seven days, where you’ll be praying five to six prayer points. That is laziness.

The enemy needs fire. You need to throw arrows every day. Once you finish that one day, that’s it. You’re not going back to that set of prayer points.

Now starting to reveal more things that you can focus on, this is the use of prayer points.

It’s also wise to use prayer points when you have time. That’s why we’ve mentioned praying at midnight, 12 a.m. or 3 a.m.

Why not use prayer points when you are in a hurry?

What we mean is that when you use these prayer points, you can stay on one prayer point for two to three or five minutes at a time.

That is a long time, and that is when things start to happen, chains break, and you start to have dreams that show you where the enemy is hiding.

This happens because you have stayed on one prayer point for some time, and spending five minutes on one prayer point is possible, but you will find yourself very exhausted. need to read the word of God, you need time to hear what God has to say after you are done with your warfare prayers.

Just to give you an example, if you are spending three minutes on one prayer point and you have 40 of them, it means you have prayed for two hours.

This can be done by the grace of God. We’ve put up this are because we know that God has added new members to his kingdom and some of you are new to spiritual warfare.

You are using prayer points for the first time. If you are a seasoned prayer warrior who has been praying for two or three hours, this message might not apply to you.

You know what you are supposed to be doing, but I pray that you use wisdom. You end up not doing much against the enemy.

These prayer points are more effective when you stay on one prayer point for some time.

Another point we want to add to this is to be alert in the spirit when you are using these prayer points. When you start praying and the spirit of God takes over and he starts to reveal things, there are many times when you’ll be using prayer points and God diverts you to just using your words and not following the prayer points.

Pray according to what God is revealing to you. The spirit of God will take over. He is the one who knows how we should be praying and these prayer points are a guide, but he will start to bring words because he knows your situation.

If you find yourself praying from your heart, this is what God is looking for. The best prayer is from your heart. When you see yourself praying and not using the prayer points, the holy spirit has taken over and is diverting you to what he wants you to be praying about at that moment.

Be sensitive to what the spirit of God is dictating because it’s not by strength, not by power.

You have this list of prayer points and the holy spirit is showing you what to say. Ignore that. You are on your own so sometimes the holy spirit will interrupt. Leave those prayer points on that day and pray according to the leading of the holy spirit at that moment.

Take time to use your own words because you are the one who knows what your situation is so like we’ve said, prayer points are just there to guide you.

So, before you begin praying, read the scripture so that angels can come and surround your prayer. You will not be alone. The spirit of God will release his presence and you will feel that you are backed by heaven.

When you have prayer points, it is good to pray all of them because the spirit of poverty can be behind your sickness. You know, when you are sick, you have to pay hospital abuse and you may even stop working.

My life has not been the same again since I started praying this way and if you are new to this website and this is your first time doing spiritual warfare, this is the right way to go about your prayers.

You’ll get there faster because you don’t want to be in God’s presence and you don’t know what to say.

So, if you have too many prayer points, use them all. Don’t pick and choose, “oh, this one is talking about my situation and this one isn’t.”

If you don’t know where the enemy is hiding, just divide them and you’ll find that your prayers will be very effective.

Things will begin to happen, heaven will open and change.The last thing we want to say is that when you finish spiritual warfare every night, make sure that you declare the goodness of the Lord.

Speak the blessings of God over your life. Why? Because when you finish spiritual warfare, your mind will be occupied by negative things.

What are those negative things destroying the enemy? The spirit of poverty, sickness, and disease coming out of your life.

After we’ve shared about all this, we don’t want you to be lazy and say, “MandyNews writer said I can divide my prayer points and each day you are just using two prayer points.”

It’s not going to take you anywhere. Be determined to come out of that situation. Say enough is enough. Even if we have to stand and use 40 prayer points a night, that is okay because I am determined to come out of this problem.

Tomorrow, you will repeat the same 40 prayer points for seven days. You can’t pray like that and expect nothing to happen. God is faith. He’s still answering prayers, so remove any laziness. 

Just praying two prayer points, repeating them for five minutes each, and you go to bed. You are doing yourself at the service.

This article is mainly for those who are starting with spiritual warfare and they are not there yet.

We don’t want anyone to remain behind. But if you are a seasoned prayer warrior who is able to stand and pray and fire 40 prayer points a night, that is good.

But each of us, according to our strength, has those who still have to drink milk until they have teeth, and some of you who are already there, ready to fire 40 prayer points a night. 

So this is what we have to share today. I hope you’ve been blessed.

You can share this article with your loved ones, please take time to do so.

You are being part of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming soon and he wants to find us spreading the good news. And that good news is to break the chains.

The good news of Jesus Christ will take someone who is poor into having abundance.

The good news of Jesus Christ when you spread it, demons tremble and people are set free. So thank you so much for your time.

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