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How To Set Up Apple Savings Account On iPhone: A Step-By-Step Guide

Learn how to set up apple savings account on iPhone with our step-by-step guide, and start earning a competitive interest rate while managing your savings seamlessly.



how to set up apple savings account on iPhone

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  • Apple Savings Account: A new feature for Apple Card users, allowing them to manage savings directly from their iPhone with a competitive interest rate of 4.15%.
  • Step-by-step guide: From opening the account within the Wallet app to managing deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between Apple Cash and the savings account.
  • Account details: Daily compounding interest, a maximum deposit limit of $250,000, and FDIC insurance for a secure and convenient savings solution.

Are you looking for how to set up apple savings account on iPhone?

As a tech expert and an avid Apple products user, I’ve got some exciting news for you: Apple now offers a savings account that you can easily access and manage through your iPhone! With an interest rate of over 4%, it’s a great way to grow your savings.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of setting up your Apple Savings Account.

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how to set up apple savings account on iPhone

Requirements for Opening an Apple Savings Account

Active Apple Card

To open an Apple Savings Account, you need to have an active Apple Card. The accounts are administered by Goldman Sachs, and your Apple Card serves as your ticket to this new financial product.


You’ll need an iPhone to access and manage your Apple Savings Account. The account is integrated into the Wallet app, which comes preinstalled on your iPhone.

Setting Up the Apple Savings Account

Accessing the Wallet app

First, open the Wallet app on your iPhone. This app is where you’ll find all your financial information related to Apple products, including your Apple Card and Apple Cash.

Navigating to the Apple Card

Once you’re in the Wallet app, locate and tap on your Apple Card. This will open up your card’s detailed information.

Opening the savings account

Press the button with three dots in the upper right corner of your Apple Card view, and select “Daily Cash.” Alternatively, there may be a promotional button on the main page to sign up for the savings account.

Providing personal information

During the sign-up process, you’ll be asked to provide your Social Security number and sign several agreements. After completing these steps, your Apple Savings Account will be opened, and any cash-back rewards from your Apple Card purchases, known as Apple Cash, will automatically be deposited into your new savings account.

Managing Your Apple Savings Account

Depositing Apple Cash

By default, Apple Cash will be deposited into your Apple Savings Account. However, you can also transfer money between your savings account and Apple Cash if you want to spend it or send it to a friend.

Transferring funds between accounts

To transfer funds, navigate to your Apple Savings Account in the Wallet app, and use the “Transfer” option to move money between your accounts.

Adding Money to Your Apple Savings Account

apple savings

Linking a bank account

You can also add funds to your Apple Savings Account from a linked bank account. If you have an Apple Card, you likely already have a bank account connected for making payments. If not, you can easily link a bank account to your Apple Wallet.

Adding funds from your linked account

To add money from your connected bank account, open the Wallet app and locate the button displaying your savings balance on the first page. Tap the button to access your Apple Savings Account. Inside the savings page, tap the “Add Money” button and follow the instructions to transfer money from your linked bank account to your Apple Savings Account.

Withdrawing Money from Your Apple Savings Account

Withdrawing to a linked bank account

You can withdraw money from your Apple Savings Account to your linked bank account or your Apple Cash account. To do this, open the Wallet app, navigate to your Apple Savings Account, and tap the “Withdraw” button. Follow the instructions to complete the withdrawal.

Withdrawing to Apple Cash

If you prefer to withdraw funds to your Apple Cash account, select the Apple Cash option during the withdrawal process.

Interest Rates and Account Limits

Current interest rate

The Apple Savings Account offers a competitive interest rate of 4.15% per annum, which is subject to change over time as market interest rates fluctuate.

Compounding interest

Interest on your Apple Savings Account is compounded daily, allowing your savings to grow even faster.

Account limits

You can deposit up to $250,000 in your Apple Savings Account.

FDIC Insurance

The Apple Savings Account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), ensuring that your deposits are safe and secure.


The Apple Savings Account is an excellent financial product that enables you to manage your savings directly from your iPhone. With competitive interest rates and seamless integration with other Apple financial services, it’s an attractive option for Apple Card users. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to set up and manage your Apple Savings Account today.


  1. Is the Apple Savings Account available outside the U.S.? Currently, the Apple Savings Account is only available to Apple Card holders in the United States.
  2. Is there a minimum deposit required to open an Apple Savings Account? No, there is no minimum deposit required to open an Apple Savings Account.
  3. Are there any fees associated with the Apple Savings Account? There are no fees for opening, maintaining, or closing an Apple Savings Account.
  4. Can I set up recurring deposits to my Apple Savings Account? Yes, you can set up recurring deposits from your linked bank account to your Apple Savings Account.
  5. Can I access my Apple Savings Account from other devices, like an iPad or a Mac? Currently, the Apple Savings Account can only be accessed and managed through the Wallet app on an iPhone.

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