How To Survive From Nuclear Weapons

How To Survive From Nuclear Weapons

How To Survive From Nuclear Weapons

The new trend question right now is: will Russia use nuclear weapons?

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As everyone’s rightly terrified that Russia may use thermobaric weapons against Kyiv, Europe, and the whole world, many are already surfing the web searching for how to survive from nuclear weapons.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to survive from nuclear weapons and radiation effects.

How To Survive From Nuclear Weapons
How To Survive From Nuclear Weapons

You survived catastrophic disasters in the past, like tsunamis, landslides, and hurricanes, but this time the entire world is at stake. An all-out nuclear war has erupted. Countries are launching attacks and others are retaliating.

What should you do to get out of this world-ending scenario? Get inside, because …

The Best Way To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Right now, Nine countries are in possession of nuclear weapons. If any one of them launches even one of the almost 1,000 nuclear warheads in the world, it could cause a wave of chaos and destruction.

A blast from a one-megaton warhead would vaporize anything within one kilometer of its center. All of the buildings within seven kilometers would collapse from a blast of air. Anything in a 12-kilometer radius would be hit by a thermal blast hot enough to cause third-degree burns. You better look away because everything within 20 kilometers will be hit with a flash of light. It isn’t too dangerous, but it could cause you to go blind for a few minutes.

  • What should you do when you hear the sirens?
  • Why would fleeing be a bad idea?
  • How could you survive the fallout?

These are the questions we’ll answer in this article.

I know that surviving a nuclear apocalypse may sound like a daunting, impossible task, but here are a few tips on how to get through the initial blasts and the aftermath.

Step one is to hide.

The sirens are blaring, and everyone is in a panic. You had better act fast because you could have only a few minutes before impact.

Your first instinct might be to evacuate and get as far away as possible. The roads will likely be jammed with everyone trying to get out. This is a traffic jam that you wouldn’t want to be caught in.

You’ll be a bunch of sitting ducks, and you can probably picture the rest. Your best bet is to hunker down and find shelter. If you or your neighbor have a bomb shelter, well, you don’t need me to tell you where to go. If there are any underground subways nearby, go there.

They’re some of the safest places to withstand an incoming nuke, but if there aren’t any subways nearby, try to find the largest cement building in the best case scenario.

Going to the basement, if it doesn’t have one, or getting to the center of the building will shield you from the blast. Going as deep as you can underground will protect you when the radiation hits.

Today is your lucky day. You find a basement to hide in. Everything around you violently shakes as you hear a deafening boom. You find your bearings and the rumbling settles, but don’t leave just yet. It’s still incredibly dangerous outside.

Step two: If you head out now, you’ll be facing nerve-searing heat and a whole lot of fallout.

In as little as 15 minutes, radioactive bits of dirt and debris will start to fall from the sky. Soon enough, everything outside will be covered in radiated dust. Coming into contact with this stuff can quickly induce radiation poisoning, which is a terrible way to die.

Try to stay inside for at least 72 hours. After that, it will be safe for you to venture out. While you’re in there, stockpile any packaged food, bottled water, and first aid supplies that were left inside the building. They’ll not only help you get through these three days, but anything that you have left over will be handy to help or trade with other survivors.

Speaking of trading, you might try saving as much money as you can. You’ll never know when you have to dig into your emergency funds for an apocalypse.

The thing is, if a nuke causes society to collapse, your money will pretty much be useless, but do you know what will stay the same while the dollar loses its value? If times are feeling a little unstable, it’s a good idea to invest in precious metals. You’ll be able to hold on to your wealth once society bounces back from the devastation, and who knows, gold could be the most valuable resource during an apocalypse

Step 3: Conduct an information search.

You take a step outside the world you once knew, which is now a wasteland, but don’t linger too long because time is of the essence. The longer you’re in contact with radioactive material, the more it will affect your body.

It’s crucial to get information at a time like this. You could find help, learn where the shelters are, or figure out if there will be any more attacks. The radio hisses and crackles. Dead air

Step 4: Seek Out Others.

Call out for other survivors as you’re looking for them. You can get a lot more done with friends, and you can work together to survive. If you do find others and they’re not so friendly, try to make a trade. You could use your skills as currency.

Step 5: You’ve gathered a decent amount of supplies and made a friend or two.

Now you should consider traveling somewhere with warmer temperatures.

Let’s just pray and hope nothing bad happens to our beautiful earth. 

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