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“Is There A Special Romance Between Poverty And Religion?”



190305101352-01-west-virginia-church-fire-exlarge-169 "Is There A Special Romance Between Poverty And Religion?"Is there a special romance between poverty and religion?

If you go to rich neighbourhoods like Banana Island,Maitama etc you will see very little sign of churches and mosques.

But get into poor neighbourhoods like Ajegunle,Nyanya and everywhere littered with churches.

I am a Christian but this special connection between poverty and religion has boggled my mind for a while.

Why are most preachers in public transport piss poor? Why are they usually raggedly, and survive based on the “kindness” of passengers. Mostly Religious beggars. Why?

Will the people preaching the word of God passionately in public transport and by the roadside continue if their lives are swapped with, say, that of Otedola?

Will that love of God still be there? Is their own form of love for God the purerest form is its altrusism?

And the people who scream loudest at churches, those who roll on flaws, those who “do the most”.. forgive me for using that term. Why are they mostly very poor, why are they mostly the downtrodden.

Love for God or the circumstantial child of poverty and desperation?

What then does that say about religion? Is religion still meaningful to people who don’t feel helpless in this world? I mean, people with good health care, financial and social security and whatnot. What is the place of religion in their lives

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