Fact-Check: Did Journalist Who Filmed South Sudan President Kiir Urinating Video Commit Suicide?


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There are false reports on social media that an unethical journalist who posted the video of the South Sudanese president urinating on himself committed suicide.

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Mandy News’s Collins WeGlobe did a thorough investigation on the report and discovered that it was fake.

“Justice is served from Heaven.
The unethical Journalist who shared the video of the President was found to have committed suicide this afternoon in his resident.
According to his note he left on the table, he blame his friend who shared the video with former J1 photographer who lost his job in a bitter way.
The decease listed the names of people who deliberately escalated the video and blamed himself for negligence of showing it to a friend.
He lastly asked for forgiveness and prayer so that he gets comfort in eternity,” the Facebook user said.

The reports on social media indicate that the journalist killed himself three days after the viral video of Salva Kiir Mayardit peeing on himself surfaced online. 

Who started the fake news?

Adau Garang Ding published the false information on Facebook, and it afterwards spread to Twitter and other huge social media sites.

Nigerian internet users distorted various captions to reflect how they felt about the entire news story.

According to a different story from a Ugandan reporter, each journalist who covered the state function where South Sudanese President Salva Kir soaked his pants has gone missing, and some of them have been discovered dead.

There may have been a humorous incident involving the journalists, but it differs from the Facebook post made by Adau.

The majority of Twitter users expressed compassion, and some sent condolence notes.

Many people also hold the journalist responsible for the publication of the disgraceful video of the nation’s president.

Others went on to criticize South Sudan’s 71-year-old president.

However, nobody was able to urge others to check the report’s validity and accuracy.

Twitter blogger, blueprint tweeted, “The journalist that covered the moment South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit pissed on his pants during a function, has alledgely passed away. His passing was ruled as suicide and he reportedly left a note explaining why.”

There were more outside the blog. Others claimed to have read the post on Facebook, while yet others shared a screenshot of the post on Twitter.

The Mandy News Fact Check department found that Adau Garang Ding collaborated with local bloggers and notable individuals to make the post trend.

A number of Nigerians in the media contributed to the propagation of the false information from South Sudan all the way to Nigeria.

The writer’s image was stolen from the internet, and the text contained a fictitious plot.

We used a reverse search to confirm that the image is not from the Sudanese journalist as reported and discovered that it has been uploaded online since August 2020 of a Yoruba man who committed suicide.

The person who posted the false information on Facebook is either a supporter of the government or a member of the party of the Sudanese president because he was somehow blaming the journalist.

Additionally, it was stated that the journalist committed suicide and left a letter pleading for mercy.

According to Adau Garang Ding, who is spreading the story, he dropped a note on his table, but he was saying that justice has been served in heaven, meaning he is happy for the man’s death. 

He didn’t share the journalist’s image, the location of his suicide, or how it was discovered, but he was able to obtain picture online and give them misleading captions.

Adau Garang Ding appears to need thorough investigation because he posted just moments after it became known that the journalists who covered the event were being carried away one by one and that some of them had been discovered dead.

According to Mandy News Fact checker, the report is untrue; the journalist may have been picked up by the government, but there is no proof of his suicide, nor is there a picture or the letter he left behind.

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Source: MandyNews.com

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