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Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake: ‘Not Like Us’ Stream, Lyrics & Download

Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake: ‘Not Like Us’ Stream, Lyrics & Download – Listen Now!



Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake: 'Not Like Us' Stream, Lyrics & Download

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Los Angeles, May 4th, 2024 – Kendrick Lamar, the popular hip-hop artist, released a new song last night aimed at Drake.

In the track, Kendrick accuses Drake of serious things like being a pedophile and a snitch.

Before releasing the song, Kendrick’s friend teased it on Twitter. Also, Top Dawg, who works with Kendrick, shared the first line of the song on Twitter before it came out.

The thumbnail for the song on YouTube shows a picture of Drake’s big house in Toronto, Canada. The place is famous for being where rich and famous people live.

The picture looks like a map showing where people who have committed crimes live.

In the picture, there are 13 marks showing people who have committed crimes living in Drake’s house, according to Kendrick.

Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake: ‘Not Like Us’

Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake: ‘Not Like Us’ Lyrics

Pss, I see dead people
Mustard on the beat hoe

Verse 1
Mustard on the beat hoe
[?] rat, n, he a free throw Man down Call an ambulance, tell him, “Breath, bro” Led a n to the cross, he walk around like Teezo
What’s up with these jabroni ass n‘s tryna see Compton The industry can hate me, fuck ’em all and they momma How many opps you really got? I mean it’s too many options I’m finna pass on this body, I’m John Stockton Beat your ass and hide the Bible if God watchin’ Sometimes you gotta pop out and show n’s
Certified boogeyman, I’m the one they up the score with ’em
Walkin’ down, whole time I know he got some hoe in him
Pull on him, extort shit, bully the [?]

Verse 2
Say Drake, I hear you like ’em young
You better not ever go to cell block one
To any bitch that talk to him and layin’ love
Just make sure you hide your little sister from ’em
They tell me chubs the only one that get your hammy downs
Then party at the party playin’ with his nose now
And [?] got a weird case, why is he around?
Certified lover boy, certified pedophile
Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock, dad fuck ’em up
Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock, I’ma do my stuff
Why he trollin’ like a bitch? Ain’t you tired?
Tryna strike a chord and it’s probably A-Minor
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us

Verse 3
You think the [?] gon’ let you disrespect Pac n*
I think that Oakland show gon’ be your last stop n*
[?] I don’t know why you still pretending
What is the owl? Bird n‘s and burnt bitches, go The audience not dumb Shape the stories how you want, hey Drake, they not slow Rabbit hole is still deep, I can go further, I promise Ain’t that something, [?] stand for bitch and you Malibu most wanted Ain’t no love for you bald boy, fresh Gatorade or something Since 2009, I had this bitch jumping You n‘s get a wedgie, be flipped over your boxers
What OVO for? The other vaginal option?Pussy
N‘s better straighten they posture Got famous all up in Compton Might write this for the [?] Tell the pop star to quit hiding Fuck a caption, want action No accident and I’m hands on, might fuck around and get polished Fucked on Wayne girl while he was in jail, that’s caniving Then get his face tatted like a bitch apologizing I’m glad DRose came home, y’all didn’t deserve him neither From [?] down to central, n better not speak on [?]
And your home boy need supena
That predators move in flocks
That name gotta be registered and placed on neighborhood watch
Eiline know you n*’s [?]
He has all eyes on me and I’m a send it up to Pac
Aye, put the [?] label on me, I’ma get him dropped
Aye, sweet chin music and I won’t pass the aux, aye
How many stocks do I really have in stock?, aye

Verse 4
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6:16 in LA
Kendrick Lamar
One, two, three, four, five, plus five, aye
Devil is a lie, he a 69 God, aye
Freaky ass n*’s need to stay they ass inside, aye
Throw they ass up like a fresh pack of [?]
City is back up, it’s a must we outsde

They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us
They not like us

Once upon a time, all of us was in chains
Homie still double down callin’ us some slaves
Atlanta was the meca, building railroads and trains
Bare with me for a second, let me put y’all on game
[?] with shoes and town folk to make ’em richer
Fast forward, 2024 you got the same agenda
You run to Atlanta when you need a check balance
Let me break it down for you, this the real n* challenge
You called Future when you didn’t see the club
Lil Baby help you get your lingo up
21 gave you false street cred
Thug made you feel like you a slime in your head
Quavo said you can be from northside
Why 2Chainz say you good, but he lied
You run to Atlanta when you need a few dollars
No you not a college, you a fuckin’ colonizer

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