Machala: Who Owns The Song, Carter Efe Or Berri Tiga?

Machala: Who Owns The Song, Carter Efe Or Berri Tiga?

Machala: Who Owns The Song, Carter Efe Or Berri Tiga?

Machala: An Ode to popular Nigerian artiste, Wizkid was released on July 14th by Nigerian Instagram Skit maker and social media influencer –  Oderhohwo Joseph Efe popularly known as Carter Efe and Agada Blessed Obutu known as Berri Tiga.

The song hit number one on streaming platforms and not long after that, war broke out between both artiste.

On an instagram live stream, Berri Tiga claimed he wrote and sang the song 100 percent and was offered a deal of 95/5 % by Carter Efe. He further claimed that the comedian alongside Sydney Talker – had offered him 100,000 as pay off for the song.

In his words, he said:

“We did a song, I sang the song from the beginning to the end, you dropped the song, you are not tagging me on your page, shows, you were not carrying me along. You offered me a 95/5%, you taking 95, me taking 5% for a song I sang from the beginning to the end

Berri Tiga went ahead to perform the viral song on Glitchafrica alone.

Meanwhile, on an instagram live on September 18th, Carter Efe dropped his side of the story, he said he has been keeping mute so as to imitate Wizkid who most times keep mute on public issues regarding him.

Carter Efe
Carter Efe. Source: Google Image

In the live video, Carter Efe claimed that Berri Tiga met him and proposed that they should act like they are both fighting so that he (Berri Tiga) will likely use it to upgrade his status but unfortunately, Berri Tiga is soiling his name everywhere.

He further claimed that he was the one who called Berri Tiga at 12 to come for the song and Producers kept telling him “Carter no sing, no spoil am, you no get voice” which was why he relinquished the vocal part to Berri Tiga. Carter Efe ended the video with tears in his eyes and push from his friends around him to do so.

On who owns the song, the war is still on going concerning the split of the song. Keep up with as we would bring you further information on the outcome between both artiste.

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