Manuel Merino: Here’s Why Peru President Resigned

Manuel Merino: Here’s Why Peru President Resigned

Peruvian President Manuel Merino resigned, after less than a week in the office and several days of protests in the nation.

Mr Manuel announced his resignation from the presidency on Sunday, November 15, 2020. “At this time when the country is going through one of the greatest political crises, I present my resignation as president of the republic,” he declared in a televised message to the nation.

Why Manuel Merino resigned

On 9 November 2020, the Peruvian Congress impeached and removed President Martín Vizcarra from office on the controversial grounds of “moral incapacity”, a vague term dating back to the 19th century.

The move was seen as a coup by many Peruvians citizens, with Vizcarra’s removal resulting with the beginning of the 2020 Peruvian protests. The following day, as the President of the Peruvian Congress, Merino became the new president of Peru following the line of succession established in the nation’s constitution. Upon taking office, Merino formed a far-right government with the support of Peruvian Navy admirals.

The political crisis worsened notably this Saturday when two protesters in their twenties died and dozens were injured, victims of police repression against those who peacefully protested in the centre of Lima against the Government of Manuel Merino.

Five days after taking office, he resigned from the presidency.

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