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Medusa Tattoo Meaning For Guys And Girls

Medusa Tattoo Meaning For Guys And Girls



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Do you want to know what the Medusa tattoo for men and women means?

A visit to the popular Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, you will notice the trending hashtag medusatattoo, which has had more than 200 million views and features videos of women discussing the meaning behind their tattoos.

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These are some of the most frequently used search terms on TikTok, and we’ll be writing about Medusa Tattoo Meaning For Guys and Girls in this article.

Medusa tattoo TikTok

Several women from all over the world are posting tattoos on TikTok that are inspired by the Greek legendary figure Medusa, one of the Gorgons, who were portrayed as winged human females with living poisonous snakes in her hair and whose stare could turn others to stone.

For women, especially those who have experienced rape or other sexual violence, her picture has come to represent feminine strength.

Several videos of women explaining their tattoos have spread the hashtag “medusatattoo” throughout all social media platforms.

What you should know about the tattoo of Medusa is provided below.

What is the meaning of the medusa tattoo?

One of the three hideous Gorgons, winged human women with poisonous snakes growing out of their hair in Greek mythology, was Medusa. According to the Wikipedia article, whoever looked into their eyes would become stone.

In the later version of the myth, written by the Roman poet Ovid, Medusa was a stunning woman. The sea deity Poseidon, who had a crush on her, sexually assaulted Medusa at the temple of the goddess Athena. Athena, who saw the rape as an invasion of her privacy, cruelly punished Medusa by giving her the horrific appearance for which she is well-known.

The Greek hero Perseus eventually killed Medusa by cutting off her head, which he later turned into a weapon and still had the power to turn people to stone.

Inversion of the stereotype that blame should be placed on women for their victimization, survivors of sexual assault turn to Medusa tattoos as a sign of bravery.

Meaning of Medusa tattoo TikTok

One of the many videos obtained by that were uploaded to TikTok explains what the Medusa tattoo stands for and its personal significance for women.

According to information obtained by, girls who have experienced sexual assault are the ones who are getting the Medusa tattoo.

A young woman on TikTok claimed that this is the reason why so many people acquire this tattoo because, if they are victims, it is like asserting yourself and regaining your authority.

Medusa tattoo meaning for guys

The Medusa tattoo is popular today. It serves as a source of inspiration for men who have survived sexual assault.

Medusa tattoo meaning for female

Medusa tattoos are a representation of regaining control and subverting the narrative that blame or punishment is meted out to women who survive sexual assault.

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