Meet The Carolina Reaper, The Hottest Pepper In The World


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Have you ever wondered what the hottest pepper in the world is? Meet the Carolina Reaper. This pepper is not just hot, it’s record-breaking hot!

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Bunch of Red Chili Peppers in Close Up Photography
Carolina Reaper

What is the Carolina Reaper?

The Carolina Reaper is a super-hot pepper that was created in South Carolina, USA. A man named Ed Currie made it by mixing two types of peppers together. It took him ten years to get it just right. The result? A pepper so hot it set a world record in 2013.

Just How Hot is It?

Imagine a regular chili pepper. Now imagine something four times hotter. That’s the Carolina Reaper. It scores a whopping 1.64 million on the Scoville scale, which is a way of measuring how hot peppers are.

The Carolina Reaper in Nigeria

In Nigeria, this pepper is becoming more popular, especially for those who love spicy food. It’s mostly used in sauces and salsas to add a big kick of heat.

Growing the Pepper

Growing this pepper can be tricky. It’s so hot that farmers like Rildo Cazé from Brazil say you need to wear gloves and a mask. Why? Because the pepper can burn your skin and eyes.

Comparing the Heat

Pepper TypeScoville UnitsHow Hot?
Carolina Reaper1.64 millionSuper Hot
Chili PepperUp to 175,000Much Less Hot

Eating Records

Some people love a challenge. In 2021, a man in America ate three Carolina Reapers in just 8.7 seconds. Another man in Canada ate 50 of them in under 7 minutes in 2022. That’s a lot of heat!

Not Just Hot, But Tasty

Despite its heat, the Carolina Reaper is known for its good taste. It has sweet and fruity flavors with a hint of cinnamon and chocolate. This makes it great for adding flavor, not just heat, to dishes.

In Conclusion

The Carolina Reaper is more than just a pepper. It’s a challenge for those who love spicy food and an interesting addition to any dish for those brave enough to try it. Just be careful, it’s really hot!

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