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Men, You Should Not Marry Nurses, Models, Lawyers Or Police Women ( A Must Read)



Marriage can make you either happy or miserable. Since these days most women work and build careers, you have to be wise in your choice. Some professions make ladies less fit for marriage than others. If you wish to be happy with your wife, never marry nurses, lawyers, police women or TV news presenters or models. And here is why.

Things rapidly change in our community and a new culture of relationship is being introduced. In the past women cooked, took care of children and homes and that was about it. Presently, they get education, make money and become bosses. It changes the old course of life in the family. Some professions do not add up to the family happiness.

Do not marry women of these professions, if you wish to be happy:

1. Lawyers

These ladies know their rights and the law. In most cases, they know the law much better than their husbands do. So, if you wish to be the head of the house or divorce a woman like that, you get yourself into some serious trouble.

She can sue you and get all the property, kids, money, etc. She can take a firm stand for her rights and leave you with nothing! Do not mess around with a lawyer wife.

2. Police women
They are tough. Their work demands them to be tough. And that thing does not pass when they return home. So, often instead of being disciplined by their husbands, they discipline the men. And they can be called back to work at any hour of the day or night. So, they do not really have much time for the family life, cooking or the household.

3. Models or news presenters

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One thing these ladies have in common is their beauty. They are hot; that’s why you are after them. But unless you are a tycoon or a politician, you have few chances of keeping her love and faithfulness. These women are seen by many; rich and famous get attracted to them. They have much more to offer than you do and… well, you know that story. Only a few women can resist the temptation of money and power.

4. Nurses

These girls are constantly on duty. They help the sick and suffering people. That’s good, but it drains them emotionally. They see so much suffering that it can make them uninterested in sex or emotional relations with you. Plus, many of them tend to fall in love with doctors or even patients and have sex with them.

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So, men, if you are after the traditional pattern of marriage, do not hook up with the ladies from these professions. They will frustrate your expectations.

Source: Tuko News

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