Mercy Aigbe’s New Husband Sent Her Packing – Here’s Why

Mercy Aigbe's New Husband Sent Her Packing – Here's Why

Mercy Aigbe’s New Husband Sent Her Packing – Here’s Why

Nigerian Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, who is a fashionista and businesswoman, has been sent packing by her new husband after being married for three months, Gistlovers blog reported.

The news: Mercy Aigbe was reportedly packed out of her new husband’s house three months after marrying her second husband, Funsho Adeoti, ahead of the arrival of Adekaz’s first wife.

Why She Packed Out: According to the Gistlovers blog, Adekaz and his wife, Funsho, built the house together, and she likes to visit Nigeria despite living abroad.

Mercy Aigbe range rover gift:

According to a close friend of Mercy Aigbe who leaked the information, Adekaz bought Mercy Aigbe’s Range Rover in 2021 to persuade her of his willingness to marry her, contrary to reports that the car was given to her by a brand.

Why did Adekaz marry Mercy Aigbe?

According to an anonymous Instagram blog, Adekaz married Mercy Aigbe with the purpose of using her to further his political career.

After her first marriage with Lanre Gentry ended in 2014 due to her mother-in-law’s influence, Mercy Aigbe married Kazim Adeoti, a Nigerian businessman. 

Advice: keep your love life private.

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