NDDC MD Faints Video: Why Did A Nigerian Official Fake Faint?

NDDC MD Faints Video: Why Did A Nigerian Official Fake Faint?

NDDC MD Faints Video: Why Did A Nigerian Official Fake Faint?

You probably saw the NDDC MD Faints video trending on social media.

You might be curious to know why a Nigerian official faked fainting on national television.

The entire incident took place in 2020 and resurfaced as a trend because Twitter user Africa in focus reposted the footage.

The day came on July 21, 2020, after Senator Godswill Akpabio, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, claimed that the National Assembly members received the majority of contracts given by the Niger Delta Development Commission.

The individual who allegedly pretended to pass out was Prof. Kemebradikumo Pondei, the acting managing director of the NDDC.

As the lawmakers questioned him, he collapsed.

Prior to that day, Pondei and other senior NDDC representatives had left the House of Representatives committee that was looking into the commission after demanding the resignation of its chairman, Mr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, and accused him of “crime against the commission.”

A few days later, when the committee met for the first time, the chairman withdrew from the investigation, and Thomas Ereyitomi, his deputy, took over the session.

As soon as the committee started meeting again, Pondei was the first to present.

How he fainted

The committee questioned Pondei over the N1.5 billion that the NDDC had spent on COVID-19 palliatives.

“Please, it wasn’t N1.5 billion. The figure is clearly displayed. It’s N1.32 billion, he insisted. Additionally, the members questioned which budget it came from.

“I’ll give you the answer. I’m not interested in lying on oath. I’ll give you the response, Pondei said.

Pondei insisted on responding later, despite the House of representatives’ demands that he mention the budget right then.

He added that the panel was getting ready to pay scholarship recipients.

Pondei stated in response to a different query that the IMC had thus far received almost N72 billion.

The committee also questioned him about a further N641 million paid to a contractor named Clear Point Communications and whether or not it was included in the 2019 budget.

According to Pondei, N1.2 billion of the N2.5 billion allocated for the forensic audit in the 2019 budget was authorized. Only a minor portion of that—N318 billion—has been paid to the primary forensic auditors as of May 31st (the budget’s expiration date).

A lawmaker named Mr. Enwo Igariwey interrupted Pondei’s presentation after 45 minutes to inquire about the budgeted status of the funds being used by the NDDC.

Igariwey questioned the MD about the commission’s funding sources for paying scholarship recipients given that the 2019 budget’s operational period concluded on May 31 and the 2020 budget was still pending approval.

While Pondei was attempting to respond to the query, Mr. Wole Oke, another lawmaker, said the MD was not looking fine.

As Oke was just about to conclude, Pondei passed out in his seat and had to be helped out of Conference Room 231 by security personnel and his assistants.

The NDDC executive’s collapse caused the committee to take a one-hour break at 1:02 pm. The panel was asked to adopt Pondei’s written presentation when the parliamentarians reconvened, and the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, made the request.

Watch the video below.

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