New King Of England Crowned As King Charles III


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Many dignitaries flocked to the coronation of the new king of England, King Charles III, to witness the crowning of a new monarch.

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The newly crowned monarch of the British kingdom will be known as Charles III.

Following the passing of his mother, Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022, he succeeded to the throne.

Rex nunquam moritur, which means “the king never dies” in Latin, mandates that the throne be ascended by the first member of the royal line of succession as soon as the last monarch dies, hence the United Kingdom has not been without a head of state since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Accession Council in st James’s Palace

King Charles III, Prime Minister Liz Truss, cabinet members, ministers, judges, Commonwealth personalities, and the head of the opposition are among the more than 700 members of the Privy Council. The group performs a variety of executive, judicial, and administrative duties in addition to advising the king.

Before sessions of Parliament, the Accession Council ceremony, which is a gathering of Privy Council members, must take place. The two sections of the ceremony are held separately in the State Apartments of St. James in London.

Without the king present in the first, the group’s Lord President declares the new monarch and announces the passing of the sovereign (Queen Elizabeth II). The Accession Proclamation, which is signed by the monarch’s supporters, is then read by the Council secretary.

At this point, the group also formally authorizes a number of ancillary orders, and the Lord President clarifies how the Proclamation will be announced. The Council then issues instructions for weapons to be fired in Hyde Park and the London Tower.

The king is present for the second portion of the Accession Council. In it, the monarch expresses his feelings on the passing of his predecessor, the Council passes orders to ensure the continuation of government, and an oath to uphold the Church of Scotland is read and signed.

Due to Scotland’s separation of church and state authorities, the latter is essential. A second oath—the declaration of accession—is typically made at the state opening of parliament months later with the aim of preserving the Protestant succession to the monarch.

Proclamation at st James palace

The Main Proclamation of the New Sovereign is read to the populace from the balcony of the Convent Courthouse in St. James following the Accession Council. The principal king-at-arms of the Order of the Garter reads the document while the Earl Marshal of the United Kingdom and the Sergeant-at-Arms stand at his side.

During the formal event, trumpeters frequently play a fanfare from the balcony while simultaneously firing gunshots in Hyde Park and the Tower of London. The Proclamation is then read out on London’s Royal Exchange shortly after. The document is read in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales after exactly 24 hours.

During the intervals between the readings of the document, the flags, which are typically flown at half-mast in times of mourning, are raised to full-mast.

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