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Nigerian Female Soldier, Faith Narrates Story Of She & HIV Positive Guy (Pics)



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This pretty Nigerian girl identified as Faith Ogochukwu shares a story on Facebook between him and a rich HIV positive guy.
She Wrote:
[i]”Life is a great teacher 👨‍🏫 I went to a salon to make my hair, I was there and it started raining🌧 and it was heavy. After making my hair, it was still raining 🌧 I had to wait for it. Finally it stopped but there was big flood around but I just have to go because I got much waiting for me at home 🏡 now I have to pass the flooded area with leg before getting a taxi 🚕 still coming out from the store a car just Splashed water 💦 on me😳 with my new hair😭 no wahala, I was still on the move before a Latest RANG ROVER stopped and the guy was like”babes re you going down” I was like yes… I’m going down he said come in, I joined him with one other girl inside. It was time for introduction, sorry I’m Henry and this my small sister Jane, oh it’s nice meeting you guys. My name is Faith. “Faith do you stay around? Yes I stay in that barracks at the front okay, we live close too. Okay I’m going down here and thank you very much “ please can I get your contact” okay, that was it and he flashed my line and they left. Calling the next day he invited me out, I agreed to see him because he was so handsome and gentle too. Getting there he was with a friend, I joined them. He ordered a drink 🥃 and we talked for sometime… then I know his father was a rich politician. I had to leave but he instead I stay with him I told No that I have something to do but we can see some other time he agreed and I left. The next day he called again this time, he was asking if I needed anything? Hmmmm… I said No but still have to see him, getting there he smiled at me, wow! 😮 I have never seen a guy this handsome and plight and rich too. Then we had fill drinks and now he was like please, can we spend a night together 😳 I was like No maybe when we know better, he was like but I have known you now. Okay I will give you 150k if only you can spend a night with me 😳 that money was much but looking at him, I felt it was not all about money and I don’t even know this guy. Then I told him friendly, sorry I can’t do this and if I must be your friend please don’t use money to make it happen please let it happen naturally and you will be fine, if not just go get those street girls they need the money more than me please. He was like is the money small 😳 Jesu! Did you just said small? Please stop it, I want to go home now and I left him there. He later called Again and said he is sorry and we continue talking and I tried telling him he should stop using money to get girls, it was then he told me I’m a very nice girl and for this I saved myself, that he is HIV positive and he wanted to share it. This time I have fainted on Army one plot😂🤣😭 wait are you kidding me? He said Faith you are a nice girl and you are saved because you are not greedy, I’m still your friend thou but please don’t tell anybody this! 😳😳😳 men! I’m still stoke till now. Don’t know what to tell him. But I decided to share this with some girls that will listen 👂 please be careful.”[/i]
Check out the prove below.
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