Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election: Result Sheets Collation in PDF Files

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Mark Essien releases collated Nigerian election result sheets, aiming to promote transparency and assist data analysts in uncovering election truth.


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  • Entrepreneur Mark Essien has released collated 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election result sheets in PDF format via Twitter, aimed at assisting data analysts and legal teams.
  • The files, containing data from polling units nationwide, are divided into three categories: “crosschecked,” “unsure,” and “not found.”
  • While acknowledging inaccuracies in the data, Essien hopes that making these files publicly available will promote transparency and uncover the truth about the election outcome.

Lagos, Nigeria (MandyNews.com) – Nigerian entrepreneur Mark Essien has released a collation of the 2023 Nigerian Presidential Election result sheets in PDF format via his Twitter account.

The files, which contain data from polling units across the country, are intended to assist data analysts and legal teams in examining the election results.

The results can be accessed through this Google Drive link, with data provided in an Excel format: here.

Essien acknowledged that the data is not 100% accurate and contains mistakes. However, he hopes that the public release of these files will facilitate transparency and contribute to finding the truth about the election outcome. The files are divided into three categories for each state: “crosschecked,” “unsure,” and “not found.”

“Crosschecked” files have multiple data points, “unsure” files contain potential errors, and “not found” files indicate that a result sheet for a particular polling unit could not be located.

Data analysts and legal teams are urged to use these files for investigation purposes only, and not to draw conclusions about the election results without further validation and cleanup.

Essien expressed his gratitude to the individuals who contributed to the data entry process, emphasizing their role in promoting transparency and strengthening Nigeria’s democratic process.

Source: Mark Essien

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