This Is What Oba Of Benin Told Atiku When He Visited The Palace

This Is What Oba Of Benin Told Atiku When He Visited The Palace

This Is What Oba Of Benin Told Atiku When He Visited The Palace

Many people believe that when a politician is running for office and meets with the royal fathers, it will influence voters to support that candidate.

Yesterday, when a certain presidential candidate paid a visit to the revered ruler of Benin City, many of his fans rejoiced.

But the monarch made it clear to him that only God would choose the next president of Nigeria.

Oba of Benin to Atiku

In his palace on Saturday, Oba Ewuare II of Benin informed Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, the PDP’s presidential candidate, and other supporters that only God would decide who would lead Nigeria in the coming years.

Together with PDP members, the former vice president informed the king about his campaign in the state while they were at the royal palace.

The team was informed by Oba Ewuare that the Benin throne is still pleading with God Almighty and his ancestors to choose the candidates he wants to lead Nigeria in the election.

In his remarks, the well-respected heir to the throne wished Atiku luck in his endeavors to save Nigeria as promised throughout his campaign and to carry out his campaign promises if elected.

Here’s what oba Ewuare of the benin kingdom said to Atiku in his palace:

  • “Your excellency, we have been following your statements and assurances, we pray to God almighty and our ancestors that you have good health, wisdom to bring it to fruition, should you be the chosen one to lead this Country.
  • “We have you in our prayers, no doubts, we will keep on praying to God Almighty to select who will lead this country. I do not see reasons why we should doubt anyone of you.
  • “We thank our ancestors for finally making this visit possible. Your excellency, this is not your first time here. Here is a home away from home for you. I want to thank the vice presidential candidate for finding time to accompany you here,” Oba Ewuare told Atiku.

Speaking from the confines of the palace, Atiku referred to the Oba of Benin as one of Nigeria’s most important fathers who can make a significant contribution to the seamless transition to the next democratic administration.

  • “You preside over a very ancient and historical kingdom. There is no way we can come to Edo State without paying a courtesy call. Therefore, let me thank you on behalf of members in this delegation for granting us audience and we also seek your prayers for peaceful transition in our country, unity, peace and prosperity,” Atiku said

However, the pictures of Atiku Abubakar and other members of his campaign team taken during their visit to the palace have generated debate online because the presidential contender was seen wearing a cap while standing with the king.

It is an outrage, in the opinion of certain state residents who support opposing political parties, to enter the palace while wearing a hat or covering one’s head.

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