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Oil Discovered By Somali Water Drillers In Salahlay, Somaliland: Watch The Video

Oil discovered by Somali water drillers in Salahlay, Somaliland, watch the video to see how it happened and the potential of the find



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As we delve into the topic of the oil discovery made by Somali water drillers in the Sallahley area of the Republic of Somaliland, it’s important to note that this event occurred in 2022. Although the discovery happened some time ago, the story has recently re-emerged in the trending videos and we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss it further.

On a typical day, a group of Somali water drillers were working on a well in the small town of Salahlay in Somaliland. Their mission was to find water, a precious resource in this arid region. But what they found instead was something even more valuable: oil.

According to the drillers, they had been working on the well for several weeks without success, until one day when they noticed a strange smell and a change in the color of the water. Upon further investigation, they discovered that they had hit a large reserve of oil.

A town called Sallahley, which is located around 70 kilometers south of the official capital of Somaliland, is only 8 kilometers from Bahadhamal community.

As seen in the video obtained by, the blue containers initially brought in for water storage were instead used to store the newly discovered resource during inspection.

The news of the discovery quickly spread throughout the community, and soon experts were brought in to confirm the find and assess the size of the reserve. Initial estimates suggest that the reserve could be one of the largest in the region, with the potential to bring significant economic benefits to the area.

This unexpected discovery has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation in the community. Many residents of Salahlay are hopeful that the oil will bring jobs and economic development to the region, which has long been plagued by poverty and unemployment.

The government of Somaliland has also expressed interest in the discovery, and a team of government officials and experts have been sent to the site to conduct further investigations and assess the potential economic impact of the reserve.

The discovery of oil by Somali water drillers in Salahlay, Somaliland is a historic event that could bring significant benefits to the community and the region. The discovery was made possible by the hard work and determination of the local water drillers who were determined to find a solution to the region’s water scarcity problem.

The video of the discovery shows the moment when the drillers were drilling for water and suddenly the water turned to dark substance.

In response to the news of the discovery, Minister of Energy and Minerals, Abdullahi Farah Abdi, did not definitively confirm that the substance found at the site was oil. He did mention that the discovery was made three weeks ago, but it was not reported to the ministry until later.

Instead, they continued drilling deeper, unaware that they were passing by what is now thought to be a small, independent oil discovery that eventually resulted in an enormous reserve.

According to Minister Abdullahi, the lab technicians and experts had to dig through a significant amount of accumulated sand, silt, and debris to reach the original traces of the substance. He went on to reveal that the samples taken from the site indicate the presence of three key indicators of an oil strike: a dark color, a pungent oily smell, and the characteristic greasiness of the substance.

The Minister stated that this discovery is further proof of the abundance of untapped oil and mineral resources in the area. If the assumption proves to be true, the partnership between Genel and Somaliland will be highly successful.

According to Genel’s technical director, Mike Adams, Somaliland is a highly promising and relatively untapped area with a strong rationale for drilling a well. Oil seeps indicate the presence of a functioning petroleum system, and one prospect alone has the potential to yield over 500 million barrels from multiple stacked reservoirs.

The found reserve is located in the Odwayne block, an area designated for oil exploration by Genel Energy.

In 2012, Genel Energy was granted exploration rights for onshore blocks SL-10-B and SL-13 in Somaliland. In November of the same year, the company further expanded its presence by acquiring a 50% stake in the Odwayne Production Sharing Agreement, which includes blocks SL-6, SL-7, and SL-10A.

Fast forward to December 2021, and CPC Corp of Taiwan entered into an agreement with Genel Energy to acquire a 49% working interest in block SL10B13 in Somaliland. The field partners will work together to plan exploration drilling, with the goal of drilling a well in 2023.

A 2D seismic data acquisition completed in January 2018 identified multiple stacked prospects with over 5 billion barrels of prospective resources in the block. Preparations are now underway to drill a well in the highly prospective SL10B13 block, which may have been determined by the accidental discovery of the Bahodhamal strike. The estimated gross cost of drilling is around $40 million.

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