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Who Is Omah Lay’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Stefflon Don?

Is Omah Lay dating Stefflon Don or is it all just rumors? Dive into the latest buzz about their cozy photos and explore Omah Lay’s mysterious love life. Get the inside scoop now!



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Heads up, MandyNews readers! The Nigerian music scene is buzzing again with a tantalizing piece of gossip. Omah Lay and Stefflon Don? Are they really an item or is it all smoke and mirrors?

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Who Is Omah Lay's Girlfriend? Is He Dating Stefflon Don? 66

Last year, the world was taken aback when it was reported that the ‘Bad Influence’ singer, Omah Lay, was dating Gloria Eberechi. But, much like a telenovela, Omah quickly unfollowed her on all social media platforms, raising a thousand eyebrows and a million questions. Were they over? Was it all a PR stunt? Who knows!

“When love lives find their way to social media, the plot thickens!”

Now, Stefflon Don is in the limelight. She’s no stranger to dating headlines, especially after her whirlwind romance with Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy. But now, images flooding social media show her cozying up to none other than Omah Lay! And boy oh boy, the internet is losing its collective mind.

The pictures, which seem to show a very joyous Omah Lay with Stefflon Don comfortably perched on his lap, are setting the web on fire. But before we jump to conclusions, we have to remember that there’s always more than meets the eye.

  • The two might be collaborating on a new track
  • Maybe they’re just good friends hanging out
  • Or perhaps… they’re the newest celeb couple in town?

Given that both Burna Boy and Omah Lay hail from the same state, it would seem unlikely (and a tad disrespectful) for Omah to dive into a romance with Burna’s ex. But then again, love (or friendship) knows no boundaries, right?


1. Who is Omah Lay currently dating?
As of August 14, 2023, there is no official confirmation regarding Omah Lay’s current relationship status.

2. Was Omah Lay previously linked to Gloria Eberechi?
Yes, reports from 2022 indicated that they were dating. However, the status of their relationship is currently unknown.

3. Did Stefflon Don date Burna Boy?
Yes, Stefflon Don and Burna Boy were previously in a relationship.

4. Are the photos of Stefflon Don and Omah Lay genuine?
Yes, there are authentic photos circulating on social media of the pair together.

5. Could Stefflon Don and Omah Lay be working on new music together?
It’s possible, as both are in the music industry, but there’s no official announcement yet.

6. Are Burna Boy and Omah Lay from the same state?
Yes, both hail from the same state in Nigeria.

7. Was Omah Lay rumored to be dating Tiwa Savage?
Yes, based on a tweet in February 2023, but there’s no official confirmation of their relationship.

8. Why did Omah Lay unfollow Gloria Eberechi on social media?
The reason remains unclear, sparking many speculations.

9. What do netizens think about Omah Lay possibly dating Stefflon Don?
The internet is divided – some are excited, while others are skeptical, especially given the connection with Burna Boy.

10. Has Stefflon Don commented on the rumors?
As of August 14, 2023, Stefflon Don has not made any official statement regarding the rumors.

To Conclude…

Whatever is cooking between Stefflon Don and Omah Lay – be it music, friendship, or romance – we’re here for it! Until we get official word, we’ll keep our eyes glued to their socials and our ears open for the next juicy update.

Got some inside scoop or thoughts on this? Drop them in the comments below or join the conversation on our MandyNews Socials. See you there!

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  1. Lizzy pink ♥️

    September 2, 2023 at 12:51 AM

    I don’t care what people are saying all that I know is I love 💕 omah lay that is all written by Lizzy pink ♥️❤️😍😍😍😍

  2. Anonymous

    September 2, 2023 at 12:56 AM

    Omah lay have been my favorite 💕 too I have been wishing to have someone like omah lay has a husband or a boyfriend ❤️🌹♥️🌸🌷💋💋💋👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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