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The Original ‘Raise Am, Raise Am’ Video And How It Happened

The Original ‘Raise Am, Raise Am’ Video and How It Happened



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In Benin City, Edo State, a short video clip has sparked a trend that’s taking over TikTok and social media in Nigeria. It’s a story that shows how a simple, genuine moment can capture the hearts of thousands.

Original 'Raise Am, Raise Am' Video
The Original 'Raise Am, Raise Am' Video And How It Happened 66

The Spark of the Trend

The video, just 14 seconds long, is all about real friendship and dreams coming true. It shows a young man, recently having bought a Benz C Class – a symbol of success in many young Nigerians’ eyes. His friend, recording the video, can’t contain his excitement. With a mix of Edo accent and Pidgin English, he cheers on his friend. “Raise am, raise am,” he shouts, urging his friend to rev the car’s engine. And then, with a burst of enthusiasm, “Oya fire!” – and off the car goes, roaring down the street.

Why It’s More Than Just a Video

This isn’t just about a new car. It’s about friendship, success, and sharing joy. In Benin City, like many other places, a car like this isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a dream turned into reality. The pride and joy in that video are contagious. It’s why people are watching it over and over again, sharing it, and even creating their own versions.

The Search for the Original

Since the video went viral, there’s been a wave of curiosity: where did this video come from? Who are the young men celebrating? This article aims to dive into that search, to find the original video that started it all. It’s a journey through social media, sifting through posts and hashtags, looking for the source of a trend that’s become a sensation.

The Impact of the Trend

The ‘Raise Am, Raise Am’ trend is more than a viral moment; it’s a reflection of youthful aspiration and exuberance in Nigeria. It represents a culture where young people dream big – of success, of recognition, and yes, of that perfect car. It’s a reminder of the simple joys in life and how they can bring us together, even if just for 14 seconds on TikTok.

Watch the original video of the raise am, raise am sound below:

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