Reactions To Oxlade’s Viral Video Highlight Society’s Double Standards For Women

Reactions To Oxlade's Viral Video Highlight Society's Double Standards For Women

Reactions To Oxlade’s Viral Video Highlight Society’s Double Standards For Women

A private video featuring Nigerian singer Oxlade was released recently — and positive internet reactions emphasize a larger societal issue.

The video, released Tuesday night, 8 February 2022, happened to show a young energetic man performing a clapping waist on a beautiful young lady, whose face can not be seen, but many fans believe it to be Oxlade because of the hair. However the 24-year-old singer has yet to confirm or deny if it is indeed him in the video.

Several reactions to the “Away” singer’s private video contained Twitter jokes and praises. A lot of women even shared their “hunger” for the 24-year-old, whose legal name is Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, commenting on his energy and professionalism in the bedroom showing praises for him.

Oxlade has been bogged down in his fair share of the Nigeria system. In 2020, he was seriously injured and his manager was arrested during the EndSARS protests in Lagos, according to Cable News.

The positive reaction to his private video is quite shocking for so many people and calls attention to the double standards women face when in similar positions.

Last year, we had a case of Tiwa Savage whose private video trended for weeks on social media and recorded the Google most-searched person on October 2021 and the most searched in 2021.

A Twitter user, Dave noted, “Our society and double standards. Oxlade is being praised for something similar that Tiwa savage did and got a backlash for. If a female celeb makes this kinda mistake tomorrow, the whole of Nigeria will shame her.”

Another user Micon added his two cents, “Women ought to be more careful, this Oxlade and Tiwa Savage video has proven that society has double standards, and will always lash out more on the woman, while the man might even get thumbs-up. It haunts the woman more shortly.”

At the time of this writing, a party is being held at the University of Lagos in respect of Oxlade.

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