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Peter Obi Interview On CNN With Zane Asher: Full Transcript

Peter Obi Interview On CNN With Zane Asher: Full Transcript



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Read the full transcript of Friday’s virtual interview between CNN’s Zane Asher and Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi at the Hilton hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

You should be aware that this is a hasty transcript that has put together. It may not be complete, and may be updated.

Peter Obi Interview On CNN With Zane Asher
Peter Obi Interview On CNN With Zane Asher

Peter Obi Interview With CNN Video

Peter Obi Interview With Zane Asher

I’m going to share the Peter Obi and Zane Asher CNN interview transcript with you, readers.

The former governor appeared live on CNN, where he discussed the security situation in Nigeria and his plans for the country if he were to win the general election. He was the first presidential candidate to be interviewed there for the upcoming presidential election, and he also provided his opinion on the state of religion in Nigeria.

Read the transcript of the interview below.

Zane Asher: “Mr. Obi, thank you so much for being with us. You are certainly the most popular presidential candidate in Nigeria right now among young people. There is just so much momentum behind you, but here’s the problem. Nigerians are used to being disappointed by their leaders and when you think about some of the problems that are facing the country right now, they’re systemic. I’m talking about corruption. I’m talking about oil theft. I’m talking about insecurity. I’m talking about the fiscal hole that Nigeria is in right now. Can all of that really be solved by one person.”

Peter Obi: “Well, if you have a leader that is competent and has the capacity and commitment to start dealing with it, you’re not going to solve it overnight, but there will be a clear, visible, measurable attempt to deal with it. They’re not the things that are solvable, the things that can be dealt with decisively, but you have to have a leader that if you look at what he’s been able to do in the past, you can say yes.”

Zane Asher: “If indeed you do become like the next president, Nigeria, as you know, is broke. It is barely able to service its debt. It spends so much more than it earns. What are your plans to take Nigeria’s economy off of life support?”

Peter Obi: “In a variety of ways; one is that you must deal decisively with the issue of security, which has a negative impact on your economy today; you must deal with it because you must get your farmers back to farming and begin ensuring that the vast land of the North is invested in; you must begin pulling people out of poverty as soon as possible; and you must reduce the cost of governance and the issue of corruption.”

Zane Asher: “Anyone who knows anything about Nigeria knows that it has this embarrassing reputation despite the fact that it is Africa’s largest oil producer and it imports refined fuel. What is your plan for transforming Nigeria’s economy from a consumption economy to a production economy?”

Peter Obi: “There’s no reason why our refineries can not work There’s no reason why we should not encourage the private sector to build refineries and operate them. It’s not rocket science. It can be done as quickly as possible. You can use today’s recital to remove the first subsidy I will use the resources to support critical areas of production, from critical infrastructure to education to supporting investment in refineries, which will be, like I said, done within the shortest possible time”

Zane Asher: “A lot of Nigerian presidents have come in and talked about revitalizing the manufacturing sector and investing in refineries, but change, as you know, has been very very slow. Why is it going to be different with you and what would you say are the biggest hurdles in making sure that all of the things that you’ve just listed come to pass?”

Peter Obi: “Well, what people need to do is to go and look at what I promised as a state governor. When I said I’m going to turn around education, health, pull people out of poverty, bring sanity and civility in governance in Anambra state. Did that happen or not? When I said we’re going to save money, did we do that?”

Zane Asher: “I want to talk about one of the other sort of major issues that Nigeria is grappling with right now and that is, of course, violence and insecurity. You can barely travel from one part of Nigeria to another without fearing for your life. I’m talking about kidnapping, I’m talking about banditry, I’m talking about terrorism, I’m talking about boko haram. What is your plan for that?”

Peter Obi: “You know, I just said initially that what we need to first address is the issue of security because unless you have security, the farmers can go back, you can’t attract investment, and nobody will ever want to go to an insecure place and you can deal with that. You need to do a lot of work to reorganize your security architecture, ensure that this multi-level policing issue of state police has to be decisively dealt with. You need to bring in more personnel into the security system, equip them properly and show that they are properly motivated to deal with the issue of security because they need it. It is the most important thing Nigeria needs today.

Zane Asher: “As you know, you and I are both Nigerian. We’re both Ibos. We’re both from southeastern Nigeria. Nigeria is a very hard country to hold together. You’ve got 200 million people. So many different tribes. So many different competing interests and ideas. And um, when you think about the fact that you know you’re from the south east, how easy is it going to be to rally Nigerians perhaps from the north behind you? That’s got to be on your mind”

Peter Obi: “Nigeria is now not just in a physical mess; it is a psychological mess because we have been able to elect people based on ethnicity, religion, my turn, connection, or one form of bias or the other, which brought us to where we are or structure, which I always say is the structure of criminality. That is what we want to dismantle now and ensure that the next election is based on character, capacity, competence, and commitment to do the right thing. Nigeria is now not just in a physical mess; it is a political mess. The people in the north don’t have a secure place; they don’t have good roads; they don’t have good roads; they don’t have bread cheaper than people in the south; so are the people in the south.”

Zane Asher: “Mr. Obi, Thank you so much for joining us on the program”

Peter Obi: “Thank you very much for having me.”

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