Collins WeGlobe Shares Experience After Receiving Second Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine

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Collins WeGlobe Pfizer vaccine second dose experience; no bad side effect.

EUROPE – As vaccinations against the coronavirus COVID-19 continue we are now at a point where many people who received the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine have got their second one.

That includes a travel blogger Collins WeGlobe of He just opened up about the side effects he had from the second dose so you know what to expect.

Here’s WeGlobe experience from Pfizer Vaccine;

“My experience with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine was funny and I don’t wish that for someone who doesn’t have food at home. I was eating almost every hour and also had pain in my arm where I received the injection. But my second shot was an unusual tale,” said WeGlobe.

“The date on my vaccination card when I’m due for my second dose of the vaccine I got a call to resume summer work. That was poor planning by me,” said Mr. Collins.

Luckily, he was able to reschedule his second dose to August 25.

According to the data submitted by Pfizer, almost one-third of people 18 to 55 had a fever, 35 percent experienced chills, 52 percent had a headache, 22 percent had joint pain, 37 percent had muscle pain, and nearly, two-thirds experienced fatigue after the second dose.

Collins WeGlobe was in the lucky faction and didn’t felt any of the above side effects.

He received the shot at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday and went back to the office to work for 9 hours.

He started drinking water. By 3 p.m. he had taken almost three bottled water. He began working like a trojan.

WeGlobe says he did not experience muscle pain, joint pain, headache, chills, or fever but got very energetic and ate too much food.

He did not feel the bad side effects of the pfizer vaccine after the second shot.

“I want to be realistic. I’m sharing this experience so that other people have an idea of what could happen after the second shot and are prepared. Make sure you have enough time and take your shot by morning or evening. I’ve read a lot about others who also had their second dose and some had bad side effects,” said WeGlobe.

“I also want to point out, I’ve seen the effects of a terrible COVID disease. The vaccine is the better choice.”

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