Pigeons Refuse To Fly After Buhari Released Them: What It Means

Pigeons refuse to fly after they were released by President Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria in commemoration of armed forces remembrance day 2021.

Hundreds of Nigerian citizens took to the American microblogging and social networking service, Twitter to laments as pigeons released by Buhari refuse to fly today, January 15, 2020.

Just because the pigeons wouldn’t obey orders from the nation’s Commander-in-Chief, a Twitter user, Christian Bassey said; “The pigeons didn’t fly because unlike humans animals don’t lie. Let’s tell ourselves the truth Buhari has grounded Nigeria and we are not flying. The pigeons show the true state of Nigeria. Let’s pray for Nigeria to fly again.”

Is Christian Bassey comment about the Pigeons right? Let’s take it to the spiritual.

What does pigeons symbolize?

Pigeon is a spiritual animal, it symbolizes peace, love, and honor, Pigeons also represent sacrifice and they are also a symbol of victory, reminding us that in the end, through all the hardships and adversity, you will come out unscathed.

According to Richard Alois, Pigeons most common interpretation links them to peace, love, piety, beatitude, and harmony. Pigeons have always been believed to bring good fortune. They are also believed to be messengers of tranquillity and peace. They are associated with kindness, forgiveness, and mercy and are used as literary or artistic motifs.

The ritual of releasing Pigeons on armed forces remembrance day in Nigeria is the day the president honours fallen heroes includes opening a cage full of pigeons so they could take to the skies. This symbolizes the ushering of peace and harmony on the land.

What is the sign when release Pigeons refuse to fly?

From the ancient Greeks to the 5th-century Egyptians, people have for centuries released birds in remembrance, mourning and celebration. There are multiple cultures who believe when pigeons refuse to fly, it’s a sign of no peace and harmony on the land.



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