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Prayer Points For The Month Of February 2022

Looking for Prayer points for the month of February 2022?



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Looking for Prayer points for the month of February 2022?

On this website, there are hundreds of new month prayer points with scriptures that you can choose from to better every area of your life. This makes MANDY NEWS extremely overwhelming for readers to find the right prayer points for the month of February 2022.

We provide powerful prayer points for every month of the year. We are often asked by readers for the best prayer points suggestions for the new year, breakthrough and success, deliverance and restoration, protection and guidance, etc.

Being a Christian website, our friends in the Lord: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and teachers release numerous prophetic prayer points every year, so we can make it easy for our readers (you) to find the best prayer points.

Having the right words to say when praying to God can help your prayers to be answered. In this article, we have shared prayer points for the month of February 2022.

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New month prayer points for February 2022

Note: this article is for those searching for:

Before you go into the prayer session, if you know you’ve not accepted Christ as your Lord and saviour, please do it now by praying the salvation prayer below.

If you have accepted Him as Lord and saviour, but your relationship with Christ is not as it should be, please rededicate your life to Him now by also confessing this prayer.


Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please, forgive and help me to avoid anything that will take me back to sin, and remove the spirit of doubt from me. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life, In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Bible verses to read:

  • John 15:13
  • Ephesians 3:20 ·
  • Deuteronomy 31:6
  • Psalm 27:12
  • John 4:18
  • Romans 8:31
  • Romans 15:13
  • Psalm 31:24 · 

Use These Prayer Points For The Month Of February 2022

  1. Thank you O LORD for the grace and mercy to witness the month of February, thank you for your benevolence love upon my life and family. Thank you Jesus.
  2. Father, in this new month, let every door of hell that has been opened against me and my family be closed completely in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  3. In the journey of this month, Father destroy the plans and programs of the enemies assigned against me and my family in Jesus Name.
  4. In this month, I decree and declare, my progress shall not be slow. I must fly to my place of greatness this month and beyond in Jesus mighty Name.
  5. In this month, Father program my life to receive your touch, miracles, favour and help in Jesus mighty Name.
  6. In the Name of Jesus, no weapon form or fashioned against me and my household will stand. Any tongue that rises against us, tonight they are condemned in Jesus mighty Name.
  7. Father, decorate my life with pleasant surprises this month and beyond in Jesus mighty Name.
  8. O God, you are my helper, remove whatsoever that is not of you in my life tonight in Jesus mighty Name.
  9. Father, teach me your ways oh Lord and lead me in the path I need to walk. Order my steps and direct my life this month in Jesus Name.
  10. Father, hold my hands as I walk through life in this month and beyond, may I never be forsaken in Jesus mighty Name.
  11. Helper of the helpless, please help my life and destiny, show up for me this month of February in the Name of Jesus.
  12. Father, turn my life around for better, let people wish me congratulations in the Name of Jesus.
  13. Father, I offer my life to you, turn it into a sign and a wonder, turn it into a miracle with a message for my generation in Jesus Name.
  14. Everything I have lost in the years past, my health, my finances, my marriage, my job, I decree and declare by the power in the Name of Jesus let them return back to me tonight in JESUS name. I possess my possessions now in Jesus Name.
  15. I decree and declare that before this month ends something positive and remarkable will happen to me and my family in the Name of Jesus.
  16. No arrows of the wicked targeted at me or my household shall prosper. In the Name of Jesus, evil arrows returns back to their sender tonight in Jesus Name.
  17. Father, please complete what you have started in my life and in my family. In the Name of Jesus I refuse to be an abandoned project in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  18. Father, where ever the helpers of my destiny are may they begin to locate and help me now in Jesus Name.
  19. Blood sucking demons programmed against me and my family in this new month be destroyed completely in Jesus name.
  20. Any pit dug against me or any member of my family, let the pit swallow their diggers in the mighty name of Jesus.
  21. I declare and decree that this month of February 2022, is my month of uncommon lighting. The Lord is set to do a new thing in my life and family in the Mighty name of Jesus.

Prayer Points For A New Month

  1. Thank you LORD for you are too faithful to fail me, Thank you Jesus.
  2. Father help me to know you, help me to know your ways, help to burn for Jesus in Jesus Name.
  3. Father, help me to reverence you all the days of my life. In the secret and in the open help me to be true to you in Jesus Name.
  4. Father, let all my expectations in life according to your will becomes a reality and may my hope not be cut off in Jesus Name
  5. Father in your mercy, may I not lack Divine directions in life. Direct my life, and orchestrate my paths in accordance to your will and purposes in Jesus Name.
  6. In the Name of Jesus, I reject and cancel any form of retrogression and backwardness in my life and destiny in Jesus Name.
  7. Father, in the Name of Jesus, my head rejects evil. Every agenda to bring wicked plight into my life shall not stand in the Name of Jesus.
  8. Father, I run into the strong tower of your Name, defend, fight and protect me and my family in Jesus Name.
  9. O LORD, that wicked man plotting evil against me and my family shall go for our sake tonight in Jesus Name.
  10. Father, please give me heart of joy, peace and happiness. Take away anything that dries my life and my happiness in Jesus Name.
  11. As I journey in this year, LORD go ahead of me and make every crooked way straight for me and my family in Jesus Name.
  12. In the Name of Jesus, before this month of February ends I shall testify. Signs and wonders shall follow me in Jesus Name.
  13. In the Name of Jesus, I and my family, friends and loved ones are covered by the Precious blood of Jesus. That blood that speaks better things that the blood of Abel shall answer for me tonight in Jesus Name.
  14. Every evil handwriting that the enemies has written concerning my life and Family in this year. Father erase such handwritings by the Precious blood of Jesus.
  15. In the Name of Jesus, I insist this year shall be good for me and my family. O LORD launch us into another dimension of your glory and splendour in Jesus Name.
  16. In this ongoing year, I shall rise continually, I shall not fall, I shall not fail. The works of my hands are mightily blessed, my light shall shine and people shall see my glory radiating in Jesus Name.
  17. O God of possibilities, the impossibilities specialist, what you cannot do does not exist, Father make every impossibilities in my life possible tonight in Jesus name.
  18. Father, divinely surprise me, divinely surprise my family in this month of February in Jesus Name.
  19. Every pit dug against me and my family, tonight let the diggers fall into their pits in Jesus name.
  20. Father, take away weariness from my life and make me ever joyful in Jesus name.
  21. Father, by your mercy, please answer all my long term prayers for good in Jesus name.

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