Prayers For Open Doors Using Honey And Sea Water

Prayers For Open Doors Using Honey And Sea Water

Prayers For Open Doors Using Honey And Sea Water

This article is intended for those who are having challenges in life, such as those who are experiencing delays and setbacks.

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On, we provide a number of spiritual tips to assist our readers in overcoming any obstacles impeding their advancement in life.

Mandy News offers a variety of spiritual practices that will greatly improve your spiritual life. If you visit our religion category, you’ll find a variety of special tips that will help you grow spiritually. If you put your faith in these practices, you’ll find that they help you the way God intended.

Use this kind of water, as the post’s title suggests, and you’ll be astounded by how quickly doors begin to open for you, blessings begin to flow, and happiness and wonderful things begin to find you.

Honey And Sea Water Prayers

If you’ve been having trouble lately and nothing you try seems to work out, then congrats! Your life is about to take on a new meaning.

Your only responsibility is to have confidence in God, pray, avoid sin, and apply the two methods we’ll discuss here for prayer.

Without wasting your time, let me tell you what you need to do to get the doors in your life that have been closed to open.

Sea Water

Prayers For Open Doors Using Honey And Sea Water
Sea water

You’ll need to obtain spring, river, or sea water; simply obtain one of these types of water if you don’t already have it.

If necessary, though, you can get the one from wherever you are. You can even obtain one from your hometown.

But I’ll suggest sea water because it’s highly effective for spiritual work.


Prayers For Open Doors Using Honey And Sea Water

Honey is an additional item you’ll need. Ensure that the honey you purchase is original. Honey has tremendous power. When it comes to spiritual work, you need to make sure the honey is original. You can shop at any nearby supermarket or make an online purchase.

You can use a combination of these two substances that will be quite effective if you obtain sea water, river water, or spring water in addition to the original honey.

You will notice that everything that was impeding your blessing will end after performing this prayer combination, and your life will begin to have a new chapter.

What You Should Do

What you have to do is get like any quantity of river water or water from the beach but not water from the pool. It must be flowing river water that is flowing moving to the next river and not the one that is being constructed like the one from the swimming pool. No, that is not the kind of water.

If you get this water in any quantity, like I said, add just a few drops of honey or one tablespoon of honey. Even if the water is too much, add one tablespoon of honey. Do not say the more honey the more is going to be effective. Only one tablespoon of honey. As you add it, start saying your intention.

Read Psalm 51 and make a declaration of every intention you have on the water and honey mixture.

The next step is for you to mix the water with your bathwater and take a bath with it.


  • Do not use soap
  • Do not use sponge
  • Do not towel your body
  • Do not do it when you are in your monthly flow.

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