Putin Speech On May 9th 2022 Victory Day Transcript English

Putin Speech On May 9th 2022 Victory Day Transcript English

Putin Speech On May 9th 2022 Victory Day Transcript English

This is a translation of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking in Moscow’s Red Square, where the grand procession has begun. The annual military parade in Red Square in Moscow commemorates the country’s 1945 victory over Nazi Germany.

Putin Speech On May 9th 2022 Victory Day Transcript English

“The officer generals and admirals, I congratulate you on the day of great victory. The defense of the motherland when its fate was at stake was always sacred to those feelings of real patriotism.

The volunteers of the militiamen fought on the varadine field. They fought outside. It’s the same now. You’re fighting for our people in Donbass for the security of our motherland. The 9th of May 1945 entered world history forever as a triumph of our unified Soviet union.

The day of victory is close to each of our hearts. There is no family in Russia which wasn’t scorched by the great patriotic war. Their memory doesn’t fade today in the ranks of the immortal regiment. Their great children and great-grandchildren carry the photographs of their forefathers who will stay forever young and the veterans who are no longer with us. We are proud of the generation of victors and that was their inheritance. Our duty is to preserve the memory of those who defeated nazism and to make sure that the horror of a global war will never be repeated.

That’s why despite all the differences in international relations, Russia has always been the creator of the security that’s equal and reliable, the security that’s needed by the whole world community. In December last year, we proposed to make a treaty of non-security guarantees. Russia called for a search for compromise solutions, but that was in vain.

Nato countries didn’t want to hear us, and this means that in reality they had quite different plans, and we saw that they were openly preparing another punitive operation in Denmark for an aggression against our historical lands, including Crimea. There were calls in Kiev about the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons.

The NATO alliance began to move their troops into our neighboring territories, posing an unacceptable threat to us right at our borders.

Everything pointed to the fact that a clash with neonatals and bandera whites over who is the united their minions staked was unavoidable.

We saw them erecting a military infrastructure, hundreds of military advisers beginning to work, and regular supplies of weapons being made.

Such moral turpitude The Second World War and the mistreatment of the memory of the victims, the cancellation of the courage of those who achieved this victory We know that the American veterans who wanted to come to the military parade in Moscow were prohibited from doing that, but I want them to know that we are proud of your feats of heroism and your contribution to the shared victory will honor all the warriors in the allied armies.

The English, the French, the Americans, the Partisans of China, all those who defeated nazism and militarism. Esteemed Conrad.

Today the militiamen of the Donbass together with Russian servicemen are fighting on their land where you are fighting for your motherland for its future so that nobody will forget the lessons of the Second World War.

There will be no place in the world for punishers and nazism. We bow our heads to the blessed memory of those whose lives were taken by the great patriotic war, to the memory of sons, daughters, fathers, grandfathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends.

We bow our heads to the memory of our comrades in arms who fell in the righteous battle for Russia. Those who defeated Nazism during the great patriotic war set an example of heroism for all times; this is the generation of victors, and we will always look to our glorious armed forces for victory in Russia.”

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