Rahama Sadau Accuser, Muhammad Gusau Sets Bail Conditions For The Police


A petitioner who wrote the petition against Rahama Sadau set out the conditions for the police to grant her bail.

If you recall, the man, an Abuja resident, Malam Lawal Muhammad Gusau, lodged a complaint with the Inspector-General of Police about the legendary Kannywood and Nollywood actress, who ordered her arrest.

Rahama is expected to appear today at the office of the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Umar Muri, in response to his invitation on the direction of the Inspector-General.

Police are investigating her on allegations made by Lawal Gusau alleging blasphemy against the Prophet (PBUH).

Rahama has already made it clear to the public that she was not the one who insulted the Prophet (PBUH), it was someone else who did it under some pictures she posted on Twitter.

She has also since deleted the photos and apologized to all Muslims for the incident.

But as she prepared to go to the Kaduna police headquarters, Lawal Gusau set the bail conditions for the police in a press release he released last night.

Plaintiff Rahama Sadau set bail conditions for the police

Plaintiff Rahama Sadau set bail conditions for the police

The bail condition set for Rahama Sadau the terms as follows:

First, Rahama Sadau’s lawyer must be a Muslim. The reason is that only a Muslim lawyer knows the Shari’a court system where the Glorious Qur’an and the Prophetic Traditions (SAW) are applied, not the Nigerian Constitution.

Second, the work of the police must stop their duty to take Mercy to the Islamic Sharia Court only after they have conducted a confidential investigation into the matter.

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Thirdly, Malam Lawal gave the names of the teachers he wanted to sit and judge Rahama on the blasphemy he accused her of committing.

The teachers he selected, all from the Izala faction, were: Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Gumi from Kaduna; Sheikh Ahmed BUK from Kano; Sheikh Kabir Haruna Gombe from Gombe; Sheikh Nura Khalil (Digital) from Abuja and Minister of Communications Sheikh Ali Isa Pantami.

The fourth condition is that no lawyer from Kaduna or even the North as a whole should interfere in Rahama Sadau’s statement.

Finally, Malam Lawal Muhammad Gusau called on the people to remain calm so that, as he said, Rahama would be given the appropriate punishment.

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