Rev. Al Sharpton Is Preaching: “Get Your Knees Off Our Necks!”


Rev. Al Sharpton leads George Floyd’s memorial service in an 8 min. 46 sec. moment of silence, symbolizing the time a police officer had a knee on his neck.

“Obama rises up and educates himself and becomes President of the United States. And you keep your knee on his neck asking for a birth certificate. We can do or be whatever we want to be, just get your knee off our necks,” Al Sharpton said.

“And since you’re from Canada, I won’t have a 21-second gap before I say what I want to say..”

Rev Al Sharpton, who’s delivering the eulogy at the memorial for George Floyd, served up criticism of Trudeau’s long pause.

“When you see people that come out at the risk of their health in the middle of a pandemic, people white and black … When you see that, it says that this is the time that we can make real change.”

Rev. Al Sharpton said George Floyd called on his mama, but his mama’s dead. And maybe the reason he called out for her because while he was dying, she “stretched out her arms to welcome him.”

“There is a difference between those calling for peace and those calling for quiet. Some of y’all don’t want peace, you just want quiet. You just want us to shut up and suffer in silence.”

“Talking about ‘Make America Great’ … great for who?” Rev. Al Sharpton said of Trump’s slogan during George Floyd’s memorial service.

We will “make America great for everybody, for the first time,” he said, adding it “never was great for blacks. Never was great for Latinos.”

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Referencing Pres. Trump’s photo op in front of St. John’s Church, Rev. Al Sharpton says, “I’ve never seen anyone hold a Bible like that…But since he held a Bible, if he’s watching us today, I would like him to open that Bible.”

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