Russia Announces Ceasefire In Ukraine. Here’s Why

Russia Announces Ceasefire In Ukraine. Here's Why

Russia Announces Ceasefire In Ukraine. Here’s Why

On the tenth day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia declared a temporary ceasefire in order to aid the humanitarian crisis.

This is according to reports by the Russian state media agency Sputnik.

Russia’s defense ministry announced the ceasefire to allow civilians blockaded during the fighting in two major cities, Mariupol and Volnovaka, to evacuate.

Mariupol’s mayor, Vadim Boichenko, had stated that the city was under blockade by Russian forces after days of ruthless attacks.

It has been under intense pressure for days now. People in the city have no access to water or electricity.

Reports say Russia will allow citizens to leave Mariupol and Volnovaka from 7 a.m. GMT.

Russia has also stated that the routes for the evacuation of civilians during the ceasefire have already been agreed with Ukraine during the second round of talks between Belarus and Russia.

The Ukrainian presidential advisor confirmed that even though the talks did not result in a ceasefire, the focus was on ensuring evacuation and providing medical aid.

They have now agreed to temporarily halt fighting in selected areas, including Mariupol and Volnovaka.

The Russian delegation was led by President Putin’s aide, Vladimir Medinsky, who continued to push Russia’s proposal of demilitarization and de-nazification of its pro-western neighbor.

Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelenski said the talks were the only way forward to ensure the end of the conflict.

Why Russia announces ceasefire in Ukraine.

Russian forces have declared a ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridors out of two Ukrainian cities.

The Russian military claims it is doing everything to ensure the peaceful evacuation of foreign nationals stranded in Ukraine.

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